1. People don't talk about it much but in test cricket SEHWAG > KOHLI. I love kohli a lot but it is what it is

  2. Well thats your opinion and ofc you're entitled to it but we'll have to analyse their stats and playing era and all to call someone better that the other

  3. Bhai stats dekh k hi bol rha hu and uper se sehwag opener tha who gave great and FAST start to india

  4. Out of all the countries, both of them has played in, Sehwag avgs better in bang, WI and SL. Also not to forget that Sehwag played almost all his cricket during the flattest era- late 90s to early 2010s. Or Fast start ka test me kya kru mai. Sehwag was def India's second best opener but I wouldn't put him above kohli. Objectively speaking

  5. Won us our first ever BGT in Aus, avgs better than many of our past greats with better SR, accuracy and everything a bowler needs. He is our greatest fast bowler in tests, you can cope

  6. His slow yorker to Shaun Marsh lives rent free in my head,

  7. One of the few talents I was excited to watch. Fuck you NCA, may everybody responsible rot in the deepest of hells

  8. Bhai ye hundred cricket league kya hai aur isme Indian player bhi jate hai?

  9. Na bro, indian players jab tak international or IPL se retire nahi hote wo koi or league nahi khel skte.

  10. Bhai 100 balls ka hi hai toh slow starters nahi khelte isme. Hitters dikhenge mostly

  11. Op tabse replies me hage jaa rha hai. Lauda kisi dost ne tereko ye bheja hai. Bss internet pe validation dhundh rha hai khud ye likh kr

  12. How do the 5t20 happen in November considering it's 50 over World Cup season.

  13. Nothing is ever koach’s fault apparently… dude plays slowly and gets other player run out

  14. Bro one slow knock in useless bilateral and everybody with their knifes out

  15. C’mon man was a run single … even fat brohit can run that single

  16. Atta mehnga or ganja sasta hogya hai kya. Who said SKY is better in ODIs.

  17. We went 1-2 against you and only lost because Curran couldn't quite get it over the line in an epic effort.

  18. yes i know he starts slow but he finishes well but today he was not able to finish

  19. Nhi bhai Kohli hota toh 0-4 se haar zarur jaate

  20. Duckman from Bombay- Ajit Agarkar to SKY. An entire generation in between

  21. I mean who would you trust in the middle order. If you push up Hardik then the lower order is fragile. Although I think Pandya makes a wonderful 4/5, without Pant, it’s hard to push him up.

  22. Watching how axar is batting, he doesn't seems like a bad choice

  23. Bro chill, he’s only playing cuz iyer is injured. Once, iyer is back sky will be on the bench again

  24. Shouldn't have been in the ODI squad in the first after failing since forever

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