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  1. I'm guessing they're the 2-piece adjusters? I've seen this 10 times on the 2-piece adjusters for every time on the old-school one piece friction adapters.

  2. Thanks. I'm gonna talk to my rigger about that option.

  3. My buddy lost his bold on Sunday when the riser hit it. I'm thinking of getting the Outdoor and mounting it on the chest strap or altimeter shoulder mount, and connecting it to a pair of earbuds with boom mic.

  4. I'm going there in September. How did you get from Bogotá to Xielo?

  5. Yo vivo en USA pero mis hermanos siguen en Colombia. Uno de ellos es ingeniero informático con casi 15 años de experiencia y trabaja como líder de proyectos para mercado libre. Se gana 25 palos. El otro es piloto de Avianca y le pagan como 14-16 palos. Yo me fui de Colombia en el 2012 (me gradué de ing mecánico en el 2011) y estaba trabajando para una empresa gringa de compresores centrífugos y me pagaban 3k dólares mensuales en ese tiempo.

  6. As others replies also echo here, any canopy can 'work' for wingsuit flying. But thats not to say its the ideal choice. 7 cell canopies are more stable in terms deployment characteristics, and also behave more predictable (stable) when dealing with line twist, uneven riser etc during/after deployment. Though of course there is the random 'jumping an old stiletto and it works fine' example, on avg. you increase your chances of not having deployment issues and cutaways by flying a good 7 cell canopy.

  7. My home DZ! Who did you jump with?

  8. I believe he's trying to joke that pussy wanted him badly, which is very common with Colombian women and foreigners.

  9. I think he really mean the dudes washing car glasses in the traffic lights

  10. Do you have a link for the original video? The video from the link in the description has been removed.

  11. I laughed way too hard at this. Thanks for reminding me that my sense of humor will never grow up

  12. His the guy that was board flying in this video.

  13. Yeah, it wasn't really him flying it but this scene got him into skydiving.

  14. My thanks for your kindness. I'll never forget him and it definitely makes me both want and not want another cocker simultaneously.

  15. I'm so sorry for your loss. I understand how you are feeling. I lost mine in February and as much as she made me love cockers, I still am not sure if I want another cocker or not. I still miss her so much 😣.

  16. Are we sure we want to finish on Debussy?

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