Jeffrey Dahmer is NOT a horror icon

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  1. Let's see how the Chinese present their exhibition on the situation in Xinjiang. I am skeptical but let's see and not accuse them of just displaying a "front."

  2. I know you should applaud wrongdoers for eventually turning over a new leaf and righting wrongs...

  3. Yes and the response will be “why does america have the moral superiority or moral position to tell others that what they do is wrong when they themselves are guilty of their own international atrocities.”

  4. For the record - am an American who wishes all American atrocities were laid out and dealt with properly as well.

  5. I'm going to safely assume every single numerical value in this report is false and pulled directly out of asses.

  6. Clearly not America. They didn't even shoot the robber 18 times each.

  7. While catching innocents in the crossfire in a scene unrelated to the event.

  8. Never in the US would they do that. They’d prob just shoot the store owner, sprinkle some crack on him, and call it a day.

  9. No way - store owner was white as the driven snow and the thieves were predominantly black, especially the frontman.

  10. I just saw some video of conscripted Russian soldiers complaining about not getting any gear, having to spend their own money on food and there being lots of mentally unstable people there. I wouldn't be surprised it they let lose people who have committed serious crimes or even people from mental asylums. Feels like the Dirlewanger Brigade 2.0.

  11. I mean month one - Russians were casually trying to trade military equipment for supplies.

  12. I came to see why and find y'all did not understand the assignment....

  13. Some people definitely due lace with fentynal (however it is spelled). Now I obviously don’t know if they lace weed with it but some drugs do get laced.

  14. Well yea, but the point is no one mixes weed with the others because it makes no sense and would lose money for the dealer lol.

  15. Your account is almost entirely made up of hostile remarks and arguments over Russia's war topics.

  16. Answer: Hertz has a long history of inaccurately reporting its cars as stolen. The company seemingly has no idea why this happens, and has not been able to figure out whatever bureaucratic error is causing it to erroneously report cars as stolen. This has resulted in many customers being arrested when law enforcement runs the plates on a rental car. Then the driver is arrested, and unfortunately, an arrest—even without a conviction—can completely ruin your life.

  17. So are they being held accountable for any of these incidents?

  18. It's super cool to ignore the wishes of a murderer's victims so you can make money and fame for yourself.

  19. yes, radiation everywhere, we're obviously talking about far greater exposure, you're not being clever.

  20. Ya, fuck that guy! Make it a hostile comment, that will show him, I guess.

  21. Well, the AG's office is certainly an embarrassment.

  22. Thank God for the Roe vs Wade reversal letting y'all realize how awful Indiana is. Now y'all just pack your bags and get walkin'

  23. The reason Manor Lords is so hyped is because of the mix of genres it covers.

  24. It also was revealed/announced just a few months after Bannerlords popped into Early Access and lit up for a few months.

  25. Does this show April 2022, as in it's been registered for half a year?

  26. I think with China Blizz is more "no comment" than anything specific since I think they just didn't release the comic that showed it there.

  27. Choosing not to release/indicate something specific in specific places isn't very 'no comment.'

  28. so the armor prevents him from eating the raft now?

  29. Entirely. The larger the raft, the more expensive to get each foundation covered, but worth it.

  30. Someone had a video comment here about it only being every few blocks needed. Thats still true?

  31. Well shit, didn't know that. Me and the friends I played with through the end didn't look up anything or exploit.

  32. Is there video of this? Such a bummer. But would be interesting to see.

  33. My brother my brother and me has good live shows I feel. The crowd laughs at jokes, is quiet the rest of the show, and then a handful participate by request for about 15 minutes.

  34. The game is free compared to the $40 that Overwatch was, I'd rather do that, I don't need every skin in the game

  35. Paying money is half of what they want from you. The other half is you being a player in their games, populating it.

  36. I mean that sounds good to me, I can play a game where I enjoy the gameplay and keep playing for free? Like that's a bad thing?

  37. Which is ok. This isn't about you being right or wrong, it's me explaining why others and myself don't play and don't buy.

  38. Lol McKenzie is not a billionaire without Jeff. Not even close

  39. I wouldn’t say majority of the world think it’s bad when there’s a party for it almost every day, and it’s almost always like a regular family party.

  40. It originated in the US and is primarily in the US overall. While other countries do celebrate it sometimes, and similiar to the US, it isn't that common.

  41. Because Reddit’s full of guys who were miseducated that women and men are supposed to be the same, and they’re astonished to see examples of how it’s not true.

  42. Yes, because the call center at the local police station asks the race and religion of the caller before sending someone out. FOH

  43. I'm saying that white people will call cops more often due to less negative history with police that would make them hesitate, and you can't tell me you aren't aware of the of police treatment of white vs anyone else when on the scene of the call statistically.

  44. The one piece fandom has done irreversible damage to the anime community and I love it.

  45. I don't get it at all. What's the origin and whys it the new obsession?

  46. Why do people on this site get so worked up over other people's battery percentages?

  47. Because it was a small jobs at first that became a classic Reddit thing.

  48. Copying and sharing answer keys is not just trying to succeed in school.

  49. What is it then? What is cheating, since it isn't something people do to succeed?

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