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  1. Dick size literally doesn't matter at all, if you ask a girl after good sex how big his dick was she'd go "idk like 9 inches?"

  2. What? Girl inches are a real thing but not in the way you described.

  3. I think men put way more stock into this then women do. It just can’t be anywhere on the extreme end. So probably 3 inch or 10 inch is generally too small or too large for the general population. Of course outliers exist. Women are perfectly satisfied with an average dick size and we usually can’t tell how many inches it is anyway. I’ve been married 10 years and I honestly don’t think I can give you an exact for my husband. It works and knows what it’s doing that all we need to know.

  4. 3 is rare. 10 is non existent. There would be less than 10 people in the world if you don't count those who suffer from some sort of disorder.

  5. also the same thing with F

  6. And just because your girl friends have those standards means that women in general have them?

  7. I can normally tell if I'm hitting it and know to hold back

  8. She was ordered to not go by that name anymore so for anything recent you'll have to search up Amy Lew

  9. I didn't insinuate. She could be promiscuous while only having seen one schlong.

  10. tbh i get nervous around blk ppl like this too sometimes, not proud of it

  11. Oh shit, we got banned? After we survived pride month, I thought we could survive anything

  12. Well. Kratos & Laufey were the only "humans" he'd seen so you could argue he has no real reference?

  13. This fight was the bane of my existence, took me like a week to beat this for some reason.

  14. Just curious, are you overweight/out of shape?

  15. Women will be like "she's legitimately one of the most gorgeous people I've ever seen and her boyfriend is literally just some guy" and they'll be talking about someone who looks like lena dunham in season 1 of girls

  16. I don't think women are THAT delusional. Maybe Joey King is a better example.

  17. Yep. Sex takes a tiny ammount compared to the rest of stuff that you do.

  18. That 100% depends on the relationship. Some couples are sex fiends and others have such little sex that incompatibility in bed is not a problem.

  19. Yeah, maybe not jail exactly but she seems to have spent time in a harsh, threatening environment. Her reaction seems over the top but perfectly normal in bad areas if someone is challenging you.

  20. It's not over the top except the spitting. Would you let a stranger come up to your child and sit by it while you were there? I sane shit. The Karen is mental

  21. A couple tried having a child for 10 years and were finally successful with the birth of two twins. However, 26 days later, the twins were killed by the family's two pet pit bulls. This sparked a national conversation about the aggressiveness of pit bulls. The quote at the end is from a man who believes that children being brought into the home caused a change within the dogs that made them violent.

  22. During the act. It becomes easier to penetrate when she's aroused.

  23. I’m confused, I’m pretty sure I saw tay getting beat and his friends jumping in so why she saying tay you got him??? Maybe she couldn’t tell looking through her phone?? Idk

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