1. I don’t mean this to come off as rude, but when I saw this was at Wayne and Larry’s, I was shocked (but think it’s awesome). I’ve only been there a few times over the last decade, and I’ll be honest that it was one of the last places I would’ve thought would have this. I’m obviously out of the loop, and hell ya for W&Ls

  2. So go to big mill and get a pizza and a cocktail for 90 bucks? Its baffling to me the price of some Lawrence establishments. I can basically get a dinner at Corvino for the price of Big Mill. Lawrence Restaurant owners are fucking delusional.

  3. What are you talking about? A pizza at big mill is $11-$15. That’s so much cheaper than Corvino??

  4. I understand why they are reaching out for help, and understand a lot of it, but asking for help for a down payment on a house seems gratuitous.

  5. Then don’t donate. Based on the donations so far, a lot of people clearly feel otherwise.

  6. Lol fair. I mean more like an EL level club in Spain or Italy. A team like Real Betis or Villareal could afford his wages if he is willing to take a bit of a pay cut and he'd potentially play a bigger role at that sort of club since they can't just go out and spend 100 million on a new player to bring in over the top of any attacker that doesn't immediately score goals.

  7. Also fair lol. The problem with Chelsea is that if they end the season mid table, you just know they are going to go out and spend hundreds of millions buying an entire new front line trying to replace players like Pulisic to "solve" their goal-scoring problems.

  8. It's been my understanding that part of the problem is that most of homeowners in our county are elderly -Boomers-. They own multiple properties and are reaping the benefits; old fashioned greed at its essence.

  9. Do you have any evidence for that claim? On it's face, the claim that "most of the homeowners in our county are elderly" and "own multiple properties" strikes me as pretty implausible.

  10. Ah yes, altering someone else's property is... free speech?

  11. I'm not going to order any crab that starts with a K, and their menu doesn't have photos so I have no way of knowing what their krab looks like.

  12. Ya, I've only heard of "C"rustaceans, not "K"rustaceans. How do we know everything there isn't fake???

  13. I'll help you out since none of you seem to know what krab is.

  14. What would the reasonable interpretation of a "Krab Cluster" from a place branding itself as "Krustaceans, King of Krab" be? Is it that they use the letter K to replace C and you would in fact be ordering a crab cluster? Or would you expect some sort of cluster of surname? I know what krab is. I just think your take was ridiculous.

  15. To piggyback on this question. Does anyone know if the audiobook is a same-day release, or if it's coming later?

  16. The incompetence of this commission, in particular the mayor, is astonishing. We deserve so much better than what we are getting from our "leadership".

  17. In what ways specifically? What would you do differently or better? While I agree that the mayor is not a model of competence, she ran, was elected, and is trying to do her job. If you want it done differently, you could always throw your own hat in the ring, or work to get someone different elected. This is the Lawrence City Commission, not national or state-wide elections (in which a normal person can't really just run and win).

  18. 100 percent. If I were to list restaurants I used to thoroughly enjoy, and lately have been huge misses, both Merchants and 715 would be on that list. Also The Eldridge. I’m not sure what’s going on, haha. It’s more than prices tho. I know there are supply chain issues and the economy is out of whack, but it’s everything from food quality and prep to even the service itself. At 715 the other day my partner ordered a glass of tea and got it AFTER the appetizer lol. And she took our plates when we weren’t done eating.. didn’t even ask.

  19. There's a new murder daily? A lot of people talk about Lawrence as if it's gotten increasingly dangerous in the past five years. My grandmother, for example, is under the impression that there are a lot of killings in Lawrence. Perhaps the general violent crime stats reflect that (I'm not sure, I haven't looked), but the murder stats definitely don't.

  20. That’s the third Lawrence exit, second is Haskell Ave which puts you in the middle of the mess of you go up to 23rd

  21. Though in a good position (depending on where you’re heading) if you take a left on 31st after taking the second exit and go to Louisiana. That’s the route I’ve been using to bypass the 23rd street mess

  22. Which is, at best, a misleading claim. Voting yes will keep existing restrictions in place only in the technical sense that they would be in place only until the Legislature passes additional regulations (which it undoubtedly will) during the next Legislative session. If the amendment fails, there is no reason to think that the Kansas Supreme Court would strike down existing regulations as unconstitutional. It's been three years since the court held that the state constitution protects a right to an abortion. If parties wanted to challenge existing regulations under that precedent, they would already have done so, and the court would already have ruled on those challenges. A no vote keeps the constitution as is, it does not provide additional means to challenge or invalidate current regulations.

  23. Love to do 30 on Iowa in a 45 in the left lane behind a subaru

  24. This. I truly do not understand why it’s so common for people to go 30-35 on south Iowa.

  25. She was just elected in 2020, beating Branson in the primary. I doubt he would have taken this course of action.

  26. Why do you doubt that Branson would have taken this course? What about his time as DA suggests that he used a lighter touch in enforcing state drug laws?

  27. I know one of the owners of Ebony and Ivory, Kevin. He is a stand-up dude and super dependable. Would highly recommend them.

  28. Lonestar Lake is often pretty quiet and it has a large no-wake area that lots of people use for paddleboarding and kayaking

  29. This was my thought, too. That's on the owner to train or control them better, or recognize the limits. Getting a dog and not training it is like having a child and not preparing them for life. Borderline negligent, dangerous to your dog, and rude to the people around you as well. It's funny listening to dog owners who say their dog doesn't understand but it's because they've never tried connecting with their pet (looking at my in-laws compared to any of my pets/family pets).

  30. A lot of people have adopted their dogs from places like the humane society and haven’t had them since they were puppies. Training helps of course, but for some of those dogs, based on past trauma or their individual psychology, perfect recall is not going to be a thing, and the dog may never get over aggression towards stranger dogs or even dogs it’s familiar with.

  31. I totally understand and assumed it went without saying. Obviously it's not universal. Every dog I've ever owned was a rescue. We've had mostly great ones, one killer dog, and one who was completely removed from reality. They all received training but ultimately we couldn't bring many of them to dog parks, little alone consider letting them wander freely. I feel like you've taken my words personally and applied them to a specific, alternative situation, which wasn't my intent. There's always going to be dog owners who simply don't care and truly are negligent, and it was directed at them. This is the internet after all, and there's no way a few sentences are going to capture every individual's experiences, such as yours. Thanks for the perspective!

  32. Fair enough, you’re right I was jumping the gun. I agree with everything you just said.

  33. Honest question because I was driving out east on K10 today. Does zipper-merging conflict with the signs put up in the run up to the lane closure that say do not pass? Are people who are in the left lane passing people on the right violating that?

  34. Why do most Republican governors look like someone trying to draw Peter Griffin from memory.

  35. That's not actually the governor. The Kansas Governor is Laura Kelly, a democrat. The man in the thumbnail is Stephen McAllister, a law professor at the University of Kansas. Among other things, he was the US Attorney for Kansas under Trump. But in this case he was actually representing plaintiffs who were challenging the maps enacted by the Republican-controlled Kansas Legislature.

  36. The map completely undermines any attempt to fairly represent the views of Kansans. Its only rationale is increasing conservative outcomes.

  37. sm4k says:

    Is the overall point invalidated because it's not coming directly from its original source?

  38. It's just weird to verbatim lift an expert's take on an issue and present it as your own. I had thought I had maybe found Prof. Yung's reddit account at first.

  39. A court packed with conservative judges can rule fairly on a matter deemed by the federal government as a “political issue” (outside the purview of the federal court)? I’m suuuuuure they have absolutely no bias. Can’t wait to read their inane justification for lumping Lawrence in with the 1st district and splitting Wyandotte. It’s clear when GOP states across the country have been abusing gerrymandering for years that they’d do the same thing here in Kansas. All to inhibit the power of democrats. Instead of updating the views of their party to be more competitive in the political marketplace, they draw maps to put themselves ahead. Laughable.

  40. It is well known that the Kansas Supreme Court is not packed with conservative judges. Five of the seven justices were appointed by a Democratic governor. And the Chief Justice, who was one of the two appointed by a Republican governor, voted with the majority in Hodes & Nauser, the 2019 case that held that there is an unenumerated right to an abortion under Kansas Constitution, which is hardly a position associated with a conservative jurist.

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