1. He should have disconnected his tail light. He almost got free but the light was an easy beacon to follow in those darker parts

  2. Maybe he didn't have the 20 minutes it would take to stop, get a toolkit, perform the fix, and get back on his way while the cop was 2 metres behind him? 🤔

  3. 😂 I don't think so, she seems to be actually aware of where the action is taking place. She must be Karen Wan-Bissaka...

  4. Davina de Gea showing her usual reluctance to claim the ball in a crowded box.

  5. She went down pretending to be injured for about 6 minutes after that too 😂

  6. maybe research where common tanks ammo racks are located, if you plan to dedicate yourself to it

  7. I've been looking for a resource like this for my SU 100 Y.

  8. Originally I searched on blitzhangar.com, and found that it only shows the armor. I did however find videos on YouTube that show how to ammo racks specific tanks. keep in mind of course that ammo racks aren't the only way to get good damage because the KV-2 already has a very high damage per round. it's just pretty effective in my opinion, after getting ammo racked tons of times by it.

  9. Nothing more satisfying than instantly deleting someone making a bold push for the hill on Mines.

  10. It's for you? 🫣 I thought you knew someone who'd got one and was going to rip them a new one. Well, because I love you as much as any man could love another man they've never met without wanting to touch their bottom, make sure you wear a helmet and don't run anyone over.

  11. Someone lent me one last week as they didn't have room for it.

  12. That's what people say about roller skates, BG. I really would like to support you in this endeavour, so it's probably best we leave it here and never speak of it again. Anything else would be too hard...

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