1. I'm no card-carrying Tory, but I don't understand how anyone thinks that austerity is not required with the level of migration we are seeing currently.

  2. You realise austerity = cuts, right? So cutting services that are already underfunded and increasing the population makes it worse. It doesn't fix it or make it better.

  3. Calling it now. They know the ECHR will intervene next Spring. Rishi announces he'll do a referendum/promise to remove us from the ECHR as his main election promise.

  4. Do people really care about asylum seekers that much? I mean I know Brexit ended up being about that for some people but surely at an actual GE people might consider other options?

  5. Those calling coffee the most ineffective minister in recent times are doing a disservice to chris grayling.

  6. Honestly? I think she has him beaten this time.

  7. Is there a photo of the gun so we can decide for ourselves that this was indeed obviously a toy? Given recent events, I can't take the media at face value

  8. https://e3.365dm.com/23/10/2048x1152/skynews-water-pistol-choiseory_6327088.jpg?20231019145720

  9. You know what upsets me? This was all so optional.

  10. If you look at the data, things were broken in 2019 already. People love to attribute all this mess to Covid (which sure, it hasn't helped) but the reality of the situation is that this all started going wrong in 2010 with Austerity and then went even further downhill with Brexit and Johnson. Liz Truss then damaged the economy further.

  11. Well... that's backfired for the Tories. Even the majority of Tory voters don't have any sympathy.

  12. If Amazon wasn't cheaper, then this policy wouldn't be needed at all right?

  13. Amazon price matches others. They aren't cheaper. Even on their "Prime Day" and Black Friday deals, they get undercut by everyone else and then end up matching them.

  14. I bought mine (purple) on release from Argos (UK) and mine is fine on my OLED model. Just finished playing for 2 hours tonight and not had an issue.

  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-66584719

  16. And that’s why I always try and shop at his shops for AV stuff over Amazon et al. Good egg.

  17. I don't go anywhere else for mine. Good company with good customer service, owned by employees and backed by a great bloke too. It's the full package.

  18. Anyone catch the Flying Scotsman yesterday? It's celebrating 100 years of service this year. Managed to see it myself and it was great.

  19. Is the Mallard a locomotive identifying as a duck, then?

  20. Look at what they did to my boy (soleros)

  21. Magnums are shit. Overpriced shit too. I don't get the love for them. Is it people still thinking that a Magnum makes them seem upper class or something? Lol.

  22. ldn6 says:

    I do hope that people understand that the components of the CPI are weighted out of a scale of 1,000. Food has a weight of 107 compared to 10 for games, toys and hobbies, so no, video games are nowhere close to primarily driving inflation.

  23. What good is a PS5 when I've lost my house?

  24. So there was an Extinction Rebellion protest there. Jeremy Hunt is present for whatever reason.

  25. The article implies the reason for Hunt being there is to join an XR protest, but he was there for a completely different reason. Basic comprehension.

  26. Pictures unearthed of Jeremy Hunt at an Extinction Rebellion protest

  27. Are those pictures contemporary? Or from back when he was an anti-fracking backbencher under Johnson/Truss?

  28. Can I just say that I think it is undemocratic for the mods here to be modding members.

  29. The committee that investigates this abuse of democracy, must only be made up of Labour members.

  30. I genuinely think all opposition parties shouldn't turn up to vote on Monday with regards to the committee's findings.

  31. So the Maximals were on Earth in the future, Unicron destroyed it and they were transported to past Earth?

  32. Nope. Their planet is different from Earth. It's like it, but isn't actually Earth.

  33. So is it just coincidence that they have names like Cheetor and Rhinox and turn into a cheetah and rhino, despite not being from Earth?

  34. Realistically, it's just flashy, memorable names to sell toys.

  35. I think this counts as politics? Feel free to remove if this breaks any rules I guess.

  36. Rishi Sunak "Our plan to stop small boats is working!"

  37. It’s wild how many Xbox fanboys on the internet are borderline praying for Microsoft to ‘punish’ the UK for daring to look critically at their multibillion dollar acquisition rather than just waving it ahead.

  38. What is wild, is how many armchair lawyers have come out arguing for and against the merger. Then you have your wet blanket types that say "MS will kill the industry" despite the deal not really moving them up the rankings of market share. Then you have your "I just want COD on game pass" types etc etc. There's some Xbox fanboys saying the head of the CMA blocked the deal because the company he previously worked at, had a working relationship with Sony. It's nuts.

  39. Universal credit, housing benefit etc.

  40. Most of your taxes go to paying for State Pensions in regards to the size of the benefits bill (yes, the State Pension is classed as "Welfare"). Then there are people in work, having to claim benefits because they don't get paid enough (corporate socialism in other words. Taxpayer footing the bill for big business). Then, you have people who are sick/disabled and can't work, with some who can work and do claim PIP (as they are entitled to do so). You then have what we call "Unpaid Carers". People spending 35 hours a week to look after their sick/disabled relatives. This group specifically receives £76 per week, for 35 hours minimum of caring. They, collectively, save the taxpayer £165bn per year. That's around £3500 per person over the age of 18 assuming it was spread equally (fag packet maths granted, but it's close).

  41. I did the trick where you don't do anything until you've earned that achievement. Still didn't work for me.

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