1. i am unvaccinated. i will not end up in hospital from covid. maybe in 50 years i will when i am in my 70s, but not now when I am young, fit, and healthy. i have had covid - i was sick for a day, and then back to normal the day after. i support everyones right to take the vaccine. i encourage people aged 65 and over to take the vaccine. but the evidence simply does not provide a case for me needing to take it myself. in fact, data that has come out of the uk has shown i have a higher chance of catching it if i am vaccinated.

  2. That's fine, you should do what you feel is right for you. I'm not going to vilify you for your choice. It just makes me laugh when I see people who are against the vaccines, taking some moral and intellectual high ground against those who have. That's why I responded with what I did above.

  3. No I think there are absolutely legitimate reasons to be sceptical of the covid vaccine. Especially if you're young and healthy because your risk is so low.

  4. But england is the same entity while my ancestors were different entities, england still exists

  5. England is just rock and Earth. It's the people in it that make the country.

  6. But it's your country innit, you are part of it

  7. I am apart of what exists today. Not what existed years ago.

  8. In the queue at the local Co-op and overheard two old boys, guessing mid-70s talking about the World Cup. Convo went something like-

  9. They'll be seething at what the Fifa President just said then. "We should all be apologising for the next 3000 years for what we have done as Europeans".

  10. Me too. This shit isn’t funny or entertaining.

  11. Apparently, Steve Baker is calling for Krishnan Guru-Murthy to be sacked after calling him a c**t.

  12. I want people like your parents to get all the support they need too. My father will soon be a pensioner and is lucky to even have a roof over his head: he needs more help not less. And my mother is a pensioner and is only doing okayish because of her inheritance. Nothing should be taken from people in those positions. But the country cannot sustain giving special treatment to those who don't need it just because they happen to be retired.

  13. Brady left during Mordaunt’s speech apparently.

  14. Oh. Must have been a short meeting then. Ha.

  15. Check the Twitter replies - he did indeed get up in time to go meet with her.

  16. Yep, you're right. Just saw the images now. My apologies. :)

  17. It appears that Penny has used her previous experience as a magician's assistant to make Liz Truss disappear.

  18. So if we bring back Boris, Mad Nads is OK with democracy being broken but if they vote for Rishi or Penny, then that is democracy being thrown out of the window?

  19. Truss was attacking Starmer and Labour last Wednesday for their policy only lasting 6 months. Now she is doing the same. LOL.

  20. I think what we're witnessing is that people just want the Tories gone. They're not against raising taxes and cutting spending, they just don't want the Tories to be the ones doing it as they don't trust them to do it in a sensible and fair way.

  21. The expected rises to energy bills were so big that the government had no choice but to act (perhaps they didn't take the right option but some support was inevitable).

  22. If the government step in to pay people's mortgages, then they'll also have to step in to pay people's rents. Without a rent freeze, I guarantee landlords will jack up their prices to try to profit from it too. I just can't see it happening.

  23. You just posted a tweet where she rails against those trying to remove Truss and uses the #BackLiz hashtag, claiming this means she "didn't give a shit about keeping Truss"?

  24. No, I am saying she wanted to keep Truss (as in she doesn't give a shit if she stays) and now isn't out there trying to keep her, thus returning to her earlier stance last week.

  25. Lol. This chucklefuck was praising them for their budget a few weeks ago.

  26. The budget and EU are not related. Can one only be for or against them both?

  27. Ask Farage. He's the one who has linked them. I didn't.

  28. That's because of the news of an impending u-turn. Not that Peston has this wrong.

  29. Peston shouldn't have said that Sterling will fall against the dollar if he doesn't think that.

  30. No, what is happening here is you don't understand the point he was making, which is why reading the following sentence is important in his twitter thread. It's a case of if they carry on as normal, it will happen.

  31. Long live the King if this is what we have to look forward to. Lol.

  32. So basically once adjusted, the interest rate is now the highest on record in UK history with the cost of living soaring

  33. The air will be probably be cleaner for you as more and more people can't afford to run a car. :P

  34. So we face a massive U turn somewhere

  35. She's playing around with the definition of the word "cut". She won't increase spending, but she won't take money away either.

  36. Gotta be a good chance they’re going to roll the energy scheme in as spending. So whilst they’ll dramatically cut several areas, the sheer cost of the energy scheme will result int total expenditure being greater or the same as previously.

  37. Yep. They have just admitted to that too in a u-turn.

  38. If they raise it in line with inflation then government workers should get the same raise, doesn’t seem fair for dossers to get an inflation pay rise while the actual workers get a few percent at most.

  39. As I have said before, most of those "dossers" are people who are disabled and their carers. Their carers are paid £69.70 per week, for a minimum of 35 hours per week (Yes, around £2 per hour). They are only allowed to earn £132 per week after tax on top of this. That means the government stops them taking home any more than £10,448 per year.

  40. You've never had a lamb roast dinner? Really?

  41. I can't understand why you guys are all bitching about blackouts.

  42. Personally, I think we should stop howling at her and listening to the media, which is fanning the flames as always and give her a chance and trust the process for once. It would do us all well just to shut up and get on with it.

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