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  1. Dad of 4 girls here 3-11. The light layers is a good thing. My 3yo wont sit that long so i brush quick. On all the girls i use a quick dry spray. I also let them do my nails. Most toes. My job wont let me have painted nails. My 2 younger ones do my nails. The older ones just like the father daughter time.

  2. Everything about you is amazing!!! Keep it up and always be confident

  3. It started with a brain aneurysm then my life flashed before my eyes. After that I felt the calm and the presence. I realized it was my consciousness. They explained that people who have died and saw god was because they believed in god. So in the end we all do get what we want. I didn’t believe in god so I knew it was me. Then for some reason I stayed open or tuned in for 6 months then stopped. But for six months they narrated my life . Every conversation explaining how language is flawed and it’s all in how we communicate. After my experience i stayed changed. They said technically it can’t be put into words and that is the exact reason why. It’s a world of magic that can’t actually believe in the incredible. I understand I sound crazy. But again look at the title.

  4. We are an alien creation. However it’s not like u think. It’s just a higher consciousness more complex than ours. So it’s actually only 1 being let’s say. But when people see aliens or uap just means they are completely tuned in. Now how u picture them in your mind or if u see them it’s just whatever form your frequency needs to see. I’m assuming whatever you were raised to believe or whatever is less scary to u.

  5. Ok you know this is believable. Our bodies react to all electrical waves and frequency. It is highly possible that what you are going through have went through is real. Something in your brain must have either connected to creat a path for neurons or pulses of these waves you talk about. Or something disconnected and the new path he waves has to take is a path not many people use. For you this is awesome. I believe it after we dont know each other so there is no reason to lie. I am following you.

  6. No not at all. Those are stories i love a female with stretch marks

  7. Feel free to add me if you want 😬 no pressure. Very active player! 2124 7225 3850

  8. Guys my trainer code is 5423 3296 6544 , please send invites, feels like unicorn in a place where no one plays the game

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