1. Yes a hobby of mine is architectural illustration. Glad you enjoyed it

  2. I use mainly Faber Castell colour pencils and then go over them with some grey alcohol markers to add shadows. Also a few different coloured micron fineliner pens for outlines and small details

  3. It's harder with a drawing like this as there isn't anywhere that you can see ground level. There are some "people" on the very top of the dome on a viewing platform but as it's so small and far away they are just coloured dots and smudges haha

  4. The composition and colours in this are excellent. Mind your line weight, as some of the lines are arbitrarily thicker than others. If you are going to vary your line weight, make them thicker towards the foreground and lighter towards the back for increased depth. Though this style of illustration usually benefits from subtle line work.

  5. Yeah I usually start with pencil then the outline followed by colour and finally shadows. And you were spot on with what you said about me going over lines twice haha my shaky hands messed up a few lil lines in this one so thought I'd try and hide them. Thanks for your kind words and advise

  6. That is simply amazing! It is so unreal, yet so realistic! May I ask what alcohol markers you used for this?

  7. Thank you so much! I use Winsor and newton markers, I have a set of 5 Grey's I use for shading. The rest is all coloured pencil.

  8. I have 5 shades of alcohol markers I use to go over the pencil colouring once it's done. The hard part is figuring out the correct shapes for the shadows haha

  9. Thank you so much! All my life pretty much, took a long time to get my work to this level though, hopefully it'll continue to get better. Glad you like it

  10. No professional training it's just my only hobby really haha and I'm 21

  11. Very impressive (you've the patience of a saint?), do you generally tend towards only using alcohol markers or use paints often too?

  12. Thank you so much. I'm terrible at painting but like to use alcohol markers for shading. My main tools are pencils and various fine liners.

  13. Yeah, the full image is on my profile if you'd like to see the full cathedral

  14. That's true it really annoyed me when I first noticed, but part of my style is using nothing but a pen. I try to not use rulers or protractors or any other tool as I think it improves my line work.

  15. Wow, this must take a lot of patience to accurately map out and translate a birds eye city view. How many hours will you spend on this piece approximately? Sketching out architecture always takes me FOREVER

  16. I've used a reference image to save my sanity, and I've put around 10-15 hours so far. I'd say another 10 hours to finish up and add shading and colours

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