1. Oh so is she gonna pay the woman to lie or tell her how horrible the mother is or whatever 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

  2. Carly: ok willow get in the box you’re dead

  3. That could still happen somewhere down the road. There have been cases where "ghosts" turn up very much alive.

  4. She won’t be going to pentonville if Scotty and Marty back her up

  5. Not sure about Scotty, but I doubt that Marty would be willing to represent her again, seeing as how she fired him after refusing to follow his advice.

  6. Liesel will get Scotty to do it and Marty he will do it regardless if he was fired or not

  7. Drew: We got a lead on willow’s parents

  8. Um carly we know she is not going to harm the baby….but you will if you keep up the secret

  9. Yeah willow you keep promising that baby everything you just said sooner or later. Both you and the baby will be meeting the grim reaper

  10. Sort of like Willow and Carly going to Nina's hotel on a semi-regular basis. That makes no sense if they are all supposedly avoiding each other.

  11. I'll take her over Nina. Trade willow for brando and Nina for nelle.

  12. We are trading willow for Brando & Nelle

  13. And there it is ladies and gentlemen it’s finally time to say R. I.P. Willow and mildew Spawn

  14. Sasha and Chase pretending to have an affair for the sake of a child, Brook Lynn did what she did for her own selfish interests

  15. A child that’s not even theirs, how long must we wait till Nelle appears with HER SON by her side I want to see these idiots get desperate and on their knees begging nelle not to take him away. Also I want her to say kick rocks to all of them

  16. I believe that Michael and Willow got custody even before Nelle died, so I doubt that would happen. Also, unless she has been recuperating all of this time — I think it’s been about two years? — she would have to give the court a pretty good explanation why she’s stayed away from the son she supposedly loves all this time. He doesn’t even know who she is.

  17. If she spy on Carly and finds out about

  18. Do you like your Holly "Original Recipe" or "Extra Crispy?"

  19. https://giphy.com/gifs/XdP2iT55kYiXI7GsNN

  20. Oh yeah, Snarly is gonna help. Which means fat chance of you finding ANYTHING out, Willow.

  21. Yep that means R. I.P. willow and mildew spawn

  22. Unless their argument ends in a knock-down drag-out Thanksgiving dinner food fight, I'm not remotely interested in Snarly shrieking at Nina (yet again) for doing bad things when she's just as guilty of doing the same...if not worse

  23. I wanted to see Annie Dutton I mean Nina reeves land one good punch

  24. If only Sonny & Drew knew who Willow's mother is and who is keeping it from her

  25. Let’s ask the ex-wife/girlfriend shall we

  26. I love the Joss & Dex pairing. Emma needs to come back for Cam.

  27. Nah we need Esme who can piss of a few people like Trina, Spencer, Nicholas, Ava and Joss when she is paired up with Cameron in the near future and after when she finds out that daddy Ryan lied to her about her mother is ( still sticking with Felicia)

  28. Put Blaze with Cam. They can be music and romantic partners. Go on tour

  29. I think that is only here for Brooklyn vs Linc storyline nothing else I don’t get it she will be gone when chase finds out that Brooklyn deleted the message Dante sent about returning to the force😒🙄

  30. Uh-oh Brooklyn you’re in trouble now

  31. Welcome back Pizza Boy 😈😂😂😂🤪😆🤣

  32. Nah Esme is better because then she can piss off Spencer, Trina, Nicholas, and Most of all Joss when she gets with cam mwahahaha

  33. Cameron would Never go for Esme. She is the town pariah. Spencer and Cam fought over Emma back in the day. Bring it on.

  34. https://giphy.com/gifs/sWSbStlun5SuecQ75w

  35. It is ridiculous how hateful and pissed off people are about Esme when these people have their heads up Sonny and Jason's asses. Oh and Nik is a murderer who is married to a murderer and arsonist. I am disappointed in Liz. I understand she is not happy about what Esme did, but to be an accomplice in kidnapping a pregnant woman and holding her hostage is disgusting.

  36. I think that Elizabeth is going to be in more trouble than Nicholas for some reason with this Esme plot. And it might redeem Esme by 10-15% of the stuff she did

  37. Maybe because Nikolas has a ton of money and an army of lawyers at his disposal and Liz doesn’t??

  38. And to make matters worse Nicholas has Victor and what does Liz have Finn, Her parents and her kids she is going to lose her job and her friends for this. If I was her I help Esme escape the castle and tell her to leave port Charles

  39. Drew in every situation - 😀😁😀

  40. https://giphy.com/gifs/3o6Zt8rGMqVwjYAlsA

  41. I Hope Nelle comes back in the future and helps Esme get her baby back if this turns out to be a baby switch 3.0🫣🫣🫣

  42. They can fight over Esme for all I care

  43. Nina could save her but after today and the eventual reveal it’s going to turn out that only her other half aka Nelle will decide if she’s worth saving.

  44. I really can't wait for Mildew to have to eat all that crow

  45. Don’t her twin sister 😈😈😈

  46. Why is Elizabeth being dragged into this Nik/Esme storyline now? Pretty soon I'm gonna need a program to keep things straight so I can follow this show!!

  47. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this will probably have something to do with the Baby 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  48. All will be forgiven when she saves Willow's life - unless Carly waits until Willow's funeral to tell her.

  49. But wait there’s more if Nina couldn’t save her then it must mean only one other person can save her and we all know who she is 😈😈😏

  50. What Wiley growing up without you the boy has his Real mom who’s out there somewhere

  51. I’m talking about the one that was was shown to Britt

  52. Your Daughter’s a cheater wake up dumb dumb

  53. Trina I hate to break the bad/Good news for but Esme is alive but she’s not the one who is hooking people left and right

  54. He should go back to playing Caleb Morley the Vampire wasn’t that his favorite character of them all

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