1. Duts and 88m are legitimate candidates, but they are 2nd compared to Peter Scully.

  2. I'm surprised that piece of shit still hasn't been shanked in prison.

  3. ikr, he deserved to be in a south american prison. Not here.

  4. Are Filipino prisoners not as hateful to predators compared to other prisoners? Or maybe he's in solitary.

  5. Last game I played is Pokemon Shining Pearl, it would too easy for me to survive.

  6. Not technically a save room but mr x can eventually get into the save area in RCPD if I remember right.

  7. And I still believe Doom will end up as the villain of SW after taking advantage of the chaos in KD.

  8. Kaiju films, tokusatsu shows, and J-horror really helped Japan's popularity aside from anime.

  9. Wtf is among us porn... Lol also I'm surprised that resident evil is so high up I guess that category is being carried by Lady Dimitrescu

  10. Aside from Dimitrescu and her daughters, RE has a lot of hot women like Jill, Claire, Ada, and Rebecca.

  11. A year in the Sinnoh region? I can handle it with my team of Pokemons.

  12. Gimple and AMC doesn't seem to understand that The Walking Dead isn't Marvel or DC.

  13. I don’t think Iron Fist was great but I don’t think it was unwatchable either. Granted, I also sat through seasons 7 and 8 of The Walking Dead so maybe my tolerance for bad TV is higher than most. If I’m being totally honest I’d rather rewatch Iron Fist season 1 over Jessica Jones season 2. I didn’t enjoy JJ S2 at all, but IF S1 at least somewhat entertained me. Someone being murdered with an ice cream scoop because they asked for vanilla ice cream is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen and I think it’s the most memorable moment from that whole season lol

  14. I really think Jessica Jones' only good season is the first. As for The Walking Dead, a number of fans including me believe 9 and 10 are big improvements compared to 7 and 8.

  15. I loved Jessica Jones Season 1. David Tennant carried the season and his chemistry with Krysten Ritter was amazing. But even Krysten Ritter, who is an amazing actress couldn't save Season 2 and Season 3 on her own.

  16. Tennant's Kilgrave is still one of the best and most hateable villain I've seen.

  17. I suggest Hunter × Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan.

  18. That scene with the 18 wheeler is one of like three or four times in my life when a movie theater absolutely lost their collective shit

  19. My only experience with that kind of audience reaction was during Andrew's and Tobey's return.

  20. And I'm dying to know, is it killing you like it's killing me? Yeah!

  21. That's stupid, they will reveal who had been pulling the emperor's strings the whole time: An evil human-sized midichlorian

  22. If only Tobey said "The Avengers, what is that, is it like the X-Men?" in No Way Home.

  23. My theory is the reason why Toby didn't know about the Avengers and why the X-Men appear to exist in there own timeline without other supers, is because Kang split up his threats into multiple universes so they would be easier to deal with instead of all at once.

  24. The marketing shouldn’t have built DD hype if they couldn’t fulfill it. They did what they did to reel fans in.

  25. I think they shouldn't have shown him in the trailer, let his return be a suprise.

  26. I really hope he stays, he's perfect for the role. I'm still frustrated he was wasted in Luke Cage.

  27. Alec was able to still be polite while throwing daggers into Chris's soul. He steered Chris towards topics that challenged his delusions and hypocrisy. He may be the troll that challenged Chris the most.

  28. It's also in Alec's call where Chris first mentioned his belief that cartoon characters are real.

  29. Dang bro the FoXmen have terrible lives. Everyone dies in 2024 (or somewhere around there) via the sentinels then they fix it via time travel and then in like 2027 Charles kills them all instead! Good Grief 😭

  30. Has the TV show ended yet? I stopped watching after they had Negan standing out in the open with guns trained on him and no one shot him dead for the umpteenth time.

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