1. Call my cfo and just ask for the number? Or what do I say, thank you though :)

  2. Incredibly rich Saudi carrying an inexpensive rifle on the front lines.

  3. Stop doing all the drugs and stop reposting this. We get it. You got pistol whipped. Cool.

  4. I’ve got 3 cross mags on the way 👍 hopefully they feed nicely

  5. Three pair of ten round mags? Watch how quickly you can send money downrange (sez the guy that just bought 1000).

  6. After taking the vale off and removing the sealing ring, everything seems to be free of any sort of build-up. I guess I will try something less expensive than beef for a future test run.

  7. Exactly what I was going to ask, well he might get one round out of it.

  8. They will probably make a custom gun for you, but you will need to ask them.

  9. Try searching classic arms new orleans ace, from the 1970s I think

  10. Maybe this will fit? I don't know what conversion changes were done by Enfield.

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