1. Let people be who they are, resistance creates suffering and who wants to suffer. Not me

  2. Do we do WLP the rest of our lives? I’ve been doing it recently and it helps tremendously.

  3. Is it hard? Difficult to do? Does it take long to do? Is it beneficial to you?

  4. I realized this comment I posted was not “in the moment” but I did not realize it at the time. Not embracing the moment creates suffering.

  5. That was very nice of u to care, but try not to pour from an empty cup. What u see in him exists in u. Whatever that is, find it in u and work on it.

  6. Authenticity is the way. 5 yrs old prior to kundalini, did u aim to sit and be still? Stillness has its benefits but so does authenticity

  7. Yea I tried to get away from my twin and the physical metaphysical energy tore me up, kundalini… for those of you with your kundalini awakened will understand that u keep them around, bu you focus on u. I will probably try again when I’m brave enough.

  8. I thought I was about die! I was at work, my coworker looked at me like I was crazy.

  9. I was at first thinking my kundalini kicked up because I made the right choice in walking away but soon as it got to be too much, I went back and the energy got mellowed out. U can’t leave. U can try but it is fruitless and painful

  10. The thing is, I don’t really want to be like a “leaf in the wind” and float to others teachings. This prana energy has been releasing from my chest and I’m not sure what to do about it. It interferes with my life to the point where I can barely focus on what I’m doing. I still have to work and be there for my kids, and this energy seems to be relentless. Kundalini seems strong and thick, this energy is wavy snakes that tickle my insides and release in bursts that startle me and those around me.

  11. no offense but why would we need to find out what the kundalini thinks we should or shouldnt do. is it not our own energy? its not our boss ? why would we spend time " pursuing" kundalini. we came to earth to have fun and do things. not just sit around and worship the energy that is in our own bodies

  12. Yes I feel this way too, Kundalini wants to create with you. So that’s what I get from her.

  13. First of all gif rid of fear, and if you face resistance in your pursuit just know you’re close to victory. Never chase greed w kundalini. That’s all I have.

  14. Accept that some things u you do are cringe and some are incredible. Accept it all, that is the first step to healing, the second is get rid of fear.

  15. First of all u create your reality. U made the low vibe ppl a part of your world. Explore why u did this. Accept it without judgment. All love and light screams spiritual bypassing so don’t go for all of those ppl. Find a balance. Get u some high vibe ppl and love them just the same as your low vibe ppl. Low vibe ppl are triggers, they allow u to bring to surface the same stuff that lives in u. U can embrace it or run from it (run from your shadow) like, my husband is “low vibe” and he loves watching crime documentaries at night during bedtime. I was like “damn why am I exposed to this night after night when I don’t wanna kill anyone” and I found the reason. It’s because I once wanted to “kill” the relationship even though I know I still have lessons to learn from him and more shadows to face… and yea h him a few more life lessons. I wanted to walk away and bypass… Once I found this reason he just magically stopped watching. Now he watches a bunch of marvel movies haha.

  16. U don’t need them but they are growth on speed, crack, and any other stimulant u can think of! What u see in them exists in u. That’s what the mirror means. If u spot it, u got it. Ur twin running? Well what are u running from? Afraid of the dentist? Maybe afraid of telling someone off, afraid of confrontation? Maybe u fear doing that project u always dream of. Face your fears. They’ll stop running.

  17. If he’s addicted to a substance, don’t judge just observe. where do u find addiction in your life? Maybe social media, or coffee, maybe a food. Find it, bring it to the surface. It can’t hide. Then accept or change. Good luck.

  18. Well spoken. You may be correct. Maybe I am too old and it's time to die.

  19. You have to be responsible for your words, the tongue holds power. U wouldn’t be here searching for answers if you were ready to die. I refuse to hold your negative view of yourself. Try not to burden others with your suicidal thoughts, im not holding that and I slightly regret reaching out to assist u, so Return to sender. You’re a beautiful soul. External looks doesn’t matter. Please seek a suicidal hotline instead of this forum.

  20. I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression through text and not in person. I am not suicidal. I said that I am an old soul weary of this world. That does not mean I want to kill myself. You chose to respond to my question and if it's too much to bear you are free to leave.

  21. You stated it’s time to die. Yes u hold that and I know I am free to leave on my own free will, not your grant. Bless you and be well in mind body and spirit. Goodbye dear.

  22. Yes, we don’t own each other. Once the ego legs go and realizes that we are all one and not each other’s property (devil card chained together) then u are free to choose divine love (lover card) and know that we are one.

  23. I noticed I left the lower density of reality and back into 3d and I got here and prayed for my tf. I prayed that he surrenders and he finds wisdom in the tough lessons he may face. I’m not a praying type either, right after I prayed, I found this post from u. Wow, I love synchronicities. Bless you! And thank you for aligning on my path! I love u!

  24. I wish I could save you from this desire but I recently learned to never let a butterfly out of its cocoon.

  25. I’m not judging u because I tend to also impose my opinion on others, I’m actually currently going through this with a co worker. She’s giving me a taste of my own medicine. But this isnt about my ego, it’s about yours. this may be a lesson for you my dear friend. You did say you were drinking, so therefore, Dont be hard on yourself. I would work on my accountability lessons with that friend. I’d tell him I crossed his boundaries, I was drinking, and I apologize. I’d also allow that friend to go if they want to go. What more can you say after accountability and apologies. Leaves the ball in their court.

  26. I had Prism colors in my right periphery vision while going through my suicidal dark night in 2019.

  27. Have they gone away? The blue pearl is constant as is the red, white and blue but everything else is sporadic. Maybe one day they’ll fade away!

  28. No, no more visuals. that has left me. My most recent experience that totally blew me away were a flow of liquid going through my right ear. I don’t see anything else, just moreso my creations.

  29. That is kundalini. It has awakened. That’s how mine started 2 years ago, and if it’s around your throat, practice being extremely honest to everyone, including yourself. Blessings.

  30. Sounds like kundalini energy is activated on you. I got those pulls as well.

  31. Don’t live in fear. The easiest way to get through fear is to face it.

  32. You are enough. Yes, I tend to think once I explore one of my interests that nothing matters and we are all one but on the other hand, you can not deny any parts of yourself because denying yourself is denying existence and personally speaking, it makes my kundalini go where I don’t want it to go. Explore your shadow. Maybe read some Carl Jung. U are enough, my dear.

  33. Accept all of u. Think of this. 5 yr old posey played with doll houses, watched Saturday cartoons, and wanted to go to the pool with her friends and cousins. Adult posey wants no parts of such experiences. They were cool then, but u moved on because evolution doesn’t really give us a choice. 5 yr old posey also embraced her likes and dislikes. (I don’t know u this is just an example) 15 yr old posey griped about “I can’t wait to be an adult” and now the older posey thinks back on those memories fondly. That is growth and embracing each part of you in each stage. Enjoy your witch stage as much as u embraced those Saturday cartoons. Namaste.

  34. U have to let go, allow her to be apart of you. You are resisting creation. Allow is the easiest. When it starts I usually say “this too shall pass” and it is easier from there. It took about 7 months of allowing to finally have easier kundalini episodes. But I trusted that it would get easier.

  35. Mine has calmed a little in the past week, don’t let your ego get too out of control. Enjoy!

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