What is the best sitcom ever?

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  1. I’m in the same boat. My doctor wants me to take Wegovy, my insurance covers it but brings the price from $1500 to $1000. I have the $200 coupon so that should be $800.

  2. Literally every day you learn something new and interesting. In a way, this is what I hope Heaven is like, in that everyone is a child. Imagine spending eternity blessed with wide eyed wonder as each new day will always bring something new for you to learn and explore.

  3. This is a beautiful thought and I hope you are right.

  4. I don't mind sore muscles after working a fulfilling job that's actually essential to many people. I'm proudly part of the reason why you got your Christmas presents, baby products, snacks, clothes, and whatever else you ordered from Amazon on the guaranteed delivery date. Feels great coming home and sleeping in peace not having to worry about money, because I earned it by benefiting people I don't even know. 🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅

  5. It sounds like you work very hard and feel fulfilled in adulthood.

  6. That was shitty. I am truly sorry.

  7. Dad had those 'chops blazin'! Beautiful couple then and now :)

  8. What a precious moment to have for him as a child and now as a dad. That’s pretty epic!

  9. I cannot like this enough! I can actually feel that plastic. I love it! Thanks for the share.

  10. This made me laugh so hard. The more you watch the better it gets. At the end your husbands neck is sideways and he can’t even watch TV but he didn’t mind. She loves you guys and I can tell the feeling is mutual.

  11. I always compare house hippos to actual hippos when it comes to eating. So funny. Happy Boi

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