1. Who is facing consequences here? The tanks haven't even arrived yet. And if they are deployed on the field, we are still very far away from Putin facing any consequences. His troops will have to suffer and he doesn't care.

  2. Yeah. Fuck Putin but this isn't LAMF so I'm removing it.

  3. They’re the best at losing elections. The best.

  4. Because straight white cis Christian conservatives are usually sociopathic monsters who hate everyone else.

  5. That’s true. And they’re an embarrassment to us genuine Christians.

  6. Been a fair few reports. Post approved. Please debate as you wish, providing it doesn’t violate ToS.

  7. MTG is just Nature's way of reminding us that brains are optional parts.

  8. MTG should be the reason dumb blonde jokes should make a comeback, but solely just towards her and no one else.

  9. She’s also an embarrassment to all politicians.

  10. im full of frustration rn man, this is the type of shit that further makes every cop seem bad when its just not true

  11. How it jumps so high on the sides is just amazing. Poor bunny thinks it has figured a way out of the pool

  12. Swears have lost all their meaning. I would be more upset at someone going "nice driving buddy." compared to someone listing every swear they know.

  13. Again, it's not a clever comment that's on topic.We need to raise the bar in this sub

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