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Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Damn that toilet paper looks pretty stiff, don't think 8d use it.

  2. Hydroxychloriquine is also a drug, primarily used for people with autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Please don't be disingenuous by encouraging people to think they were pushing chemicals with no medical use - the anti-vaxxers are stupid enough as is, there's no need to pretend they're even dumber.

  3. Yes that's the reason I asked. I have been on it for 3 years for my RA

  4. I could totally see Snoop Dog rolling up on that thing 🥰🤣

  5. Omg I started crying as soon as I saw that cop punching that kid...smh... I pray this child so sad...

  6. You don't really want to point out the negativety when you don't really know if there is an underlying issue. Instead ask if there is something that is bothering him.How can we make this better? How can I help you get through this troubling time? When he asks why explain why. I always try to be straight up & as transparent as possible.

  7. I took a remote position about 2 years ago and it was awesome until I took the lead position and can see what goes on behind closed doors. These folks have more call/work avoidance than any place I've ever worked in my life. There is no accountability & the leadership is awful. I'm trying to get out without ruining my career. 😣

  8. That's more indicative of the place than the remote work.

  9. It was harmless, he wasn’t aggressive, and it gave me an entertaining story to tell. I’m sure this would work on someone, and you only need one “someone” for it to work on!

  10. That's what they all say. He seemed harmless. Maybe I watch too many episodes of forensic files lol

  11. I thought it was rather disturbing. He thinks he has seen you before & has a pre written 3x5. I felt immediately stalked.

  12. & why the f-ing f- does the door open inward forcing you back against the toilet!

  13. I went to the local Harley shop because they were having a 50% off licensed apparel's sale but what they failed to mention was the only thing that was 50% off was zippo lighters and flannels. The way they made it sound like it was gonna be worth my 45 minute trip lol..

  14. Airfryer works like a charm on them!

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