1. Gears of War where Dom realizes his family is gone forever and sacrifices himself.

  2. I abuse my origin stuff wash hot with bleach, dry on max in the dryer, comes out brand new every time. Other folks in my class get the cheap gi’s that end up failing after a few months.

  3. Whatever happens during the day I’ve done the hardest part at 6 AM. Really sets the tone for the rest of the day. Also the violence that helps

  4. Im a 249 muscle guy blue belt. There are a lot of 135 -160lb guys that have no issues controlling me even when I try to hulk out

  5. It’s a shame about Alchemy it was such a nice place to grab coffee and excellent pastries. The biscuits were to die for and having a clean coffee shop to hang out at was nice. Maybe that space is cursed.

  6. Guess I'm on an island here because I thought if you wanted non-authentic tacos in Lawrence, you couldn't do any better. Loved the funky ingredient combinations. Will miss this place!

  7. No you are not I like Torchys. The one in Olathe is really good and the margaritas are on point. That location is really tough. Additionally the service wasn’t great at this location.

  8. Yea these jackwads are power washing buildings on mass and some other electrical things are going on.

  9. Agree on Prima Tazza but damn if they aren’t the most snooty one in downtown Lawrence. Smug level is 100, but so is the coffee.

  10. I’ve been at Health Ridge for 10 years or so. There are some issues with Genesis taking over. Mostly the personal touch and flexibility of the space. A few things to keep in mind though

  11. Last time I went there it was like eating a bowl of salt.

  12. that 35 year old me bought the ninja turtles arcade cabinet of my 10 year-old self's dreams.

  13. If you can get your hands on a boroscope($75 at most big box stores) do an inspection of the tank internals. If there is no rust you are probably fine. However if there is rust inside that tank the thin metals walls could rupture and cause you or your home lots of damage. It’s the same reason we hydro test with water and not a gas. There is so much more potential energy to be released in the event of a rupture.

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