1. You cannot be an authoritarian leftist. That is an oxymoron. You cannot be a leftist, and be antisemitic. Because, classless society is a thing that is impossible while being antisemitic. You cannot hate blacks while pushing for a classless society.

  2. This reads like something a highschool freshman writes for the school paper. How do we solve white supremacy? "crush capitalism".

  3. Its cheap for a reason, just like any hotel or short term rental

  4. Build a new one nearby and knock this one down and make it a park with a memorial. I cant see how anyone will want to go back there to work or shop.

  5. Who would pay for this? Tops can't afford that. Where would they even put it?

  6. There is some vacant land close off Humboldt, odds are the city owns it so that's step one. I am sure there would be support in getting a new building put up there

  7. Ok? Except the shooter bought the rifle actually used in the attack and not the parents. NYSP will get the shit sued out of them because they did not red-flag the kid

  8. I saw numerous video stories live (don’t have links) that claimed that the old man gave it to him.

  9. "Claimed" the BATFE went to the store where the kid bought it and have the background check paperwork. The kid wrote that he bought the AR and shotgun and his parents did not know, he had a bolt action hunting rifle his parents bought for him but did not use it in his cowardly act

  10. This guy is another puppet of the Communist party trying to disarm us. A gun is a tool unlike a hammer. It's the criminal that is the problem. Imprison the criminals and the and teach discipline and a skill. The communist unarmed their citizens and the murdered thousands of people.

  11. Nope, he is a capitalist all day. He has made millions suing on behalf of people

  12. Even if that happens, the dems are still going to control the legislative bodies that can actually write and change the law

  13. It's all relative and the older you get the more you appreciate comforts. If you can afford the ticket without going elbow deep in debt then go for it.

  14. LA is littered with Teslas as much as they are with homeless people

  15. They are not going to bother, they cant lobby the downstate leftists that run the state government who have no fear of pissing off their constituents with anti-gun laws

  16. It wouldn't be a lobby of politicians or the people of downstate. It would be more of an effort for manufacturers to put more pressure on the state. If LEOs don't have ammo, they can't properly do their job, or more imortantly, provide protection to the politicians writing these laws. That in itself then creates the possibility for us to force their hand.

  17. I mean Barret did just that, but that LEO money is bottomless and most companies are going to take the money

  18. Explain this response. You literally posted what amounts to the statement that should have shown you it wasn't bail reform. People who make threats without any "proof" they are a danger ie. history of harassment, were never kept in jail though they should be considering it is a violent act nor were people merely of carrying a misdemeanor amount of drugs without ANY proof it is actually drugs. "Your honor, please sit this man in jail for something that might be drugs even though we have no proof it is drugs and by doing so he'll do more time waiting for a hearing than he will be if he is found guilty of 7 degree criminal possession even though once again I, myself, can't tell you as a fact he was carrying drugs."

  19. Terroristic threats and heroin possession. The prosecutors wanted a mental health hold to keep him on ice and they got overruled and he walked out on the streets the same afternoon. Pre bail reform his ass would have been locked up at least overnight for arrangement in the morning and then given the opportunity to post bail for pre-trial release. Instead, now he gets to go back and continue to be a piece of shit junkie and threaten to shoot people. That's fair right?

  20. Keep dreaming, pre bail reform he would have at least spent a night in the holding center for being a piece of shit. The Erie County DA has no say in bail, the Judge has no say in bail, and there is no leeway the way the law is written but don't let your juvenile ideology get in the way of actual facts

  21. some level of increased vigilance. for example you see a white teen carrying a war gun into a store on the east side, maybe get the cops on the phone instead of waiting for something to unfold. i dont have all the answers, just hoping like anybody else that some semblance of good can come of this attack

  22. He got out and started shooting after he cased the place. He was wearing body armor. He was planning on getting taken alive the entire time.

  23. understandable. i do not claim this was preventable. but every incident has differing levels of red flags that an alert society can catch. i merely hope this incident increases such awareness moving forward

  24. All the people on his Discord saw what he was planning and no one even reported it to Discord let alone call the cops

  25. she never said she is looking into closing the "other" loophole, she said she is looking to close the "ANY OTHER WEAPON" loophole, which is allowing new yorkers access to NFA firearms (AOW's being NFA items which can be legally added to a new york pistol permit, along with destructive devices)

  26. Seriously. Mods really ought to start thinking about banning these types of sources. Any "news" article should be from an actual journalistic outlet and not someone's basement blog.

  27. Just as bad as Infowars, but its the most leftist slant possible so its OK in Reddit world

  28. He’ll be back on the force in a week

  29. He has been on the job since 97, he will retire with pension

  30. I’m sorry, the dispatcher needs to be charged with something.

  31. a lot of union protection involved, won't even get a reprimand.

  32. 911 operators are barely paid a living wage, btw. It's a job and you get what you pay for.

  33. How much does an Emergency Dispatcher make in Buffalo, NY? The average Emergency Dispatcher salary in Buffalo, NY is $41,078 as of April 26, 2022, but the range typically falls between $34,838 and $44,716.

  34. I overheard some guys in GameStop say something about that location possibly moving because the drive through and parking lot is always a mess. Idk how true it is

  35. It’s brand new, it opened while they were renovating the one by target on Delaware.

  36. How many people are going to be able to afford (in Canada) a 60k base truck? This truck isn't for the working man and never was.

  37. What's the base price of a regular f150 up there?

  38. The underside of your car is dirty, no warranty for you.

  39. No guilty people in prison either. It will cost you more in time and aggravation fighting it as opposed to just mailing it in and paying.

  40. Feels like that mentality might be the cause of the problem

  41. It's been that way for decades. Feel free to request a hearing, take time off work, pay to park, etc. Or pay and move on.

  42. A whole lot of overcompensating in that pic and write-up.

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