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  1. Did you really buy the 20€ pass? Why?

  2. I don’t look down on people for buying the battle pass or the 20 tiers.

  3. Don't look down at people spending their own money how bout that?

  4. I look down on people for spending their own money all the time if they spend it in stupid ways.

  5. It literally just occurred to me that by sleeping the Mercy, I actually made her touch the point in overtime. If I hadn’t slept her, we would have just won immediately. Oh well lol.

  6. So many people have ruined Star Wars by this point that I can’t even keep count.

  7. Aside from Sub-Zero and Scorpion being absent, this is actually a pretty believable roster.

  8. I’m as Conservative as they come but roasted crickets are really not that bad.

  9. No Limits is so much fun when you’re getting sick and tired of all the crappy team in comp.

  10. Well… yeah, that’s a lot of what happens in No Limits.

  11. Shatter’s hitbox actually starts behind you. Which means the lamppost behind you blocked it… this is genuinely one of the unluckiest shatters in a while

  12. That was actually my first thought when I watched it the second time and notice the lamp post to his right.

  13. Whoever designed Sojourn’s rifle was just trying to make Soldier obsolete:

  14. Now I want to see several heroes getting sentai skins like Genji and Soldier.

  15. It literally doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

  16. I really dislike Flats as a person and I think he has a couple of really dumb takes(he genuinely thinks that aim assist is the same as aimbot) but overall I think he has great insight and so I’d probably listen to his video first.

  17. We get a blaster in this game? That’s pretty neat.

  18. Who even cares about the “discovery+” content really. I love nature documentaries but HBO has some already, and the reality shows really only appeal to middle aged moms.

  19. Househunters and HGTV stuff is insanely popular, particularly among married couples and homeowners.

  20. I love how Sora acts as if he doesn’t want Tinkerbell to come with him and is just doing it as a favor to Peter.

  21. IIRC, this is supposed to be a grimdark serious version starring Timothee Chalamet as Willy Wonka.

  22. Mei and Kiriko actually require some degree of skill to land headshots.

  23. You really can’t redeem this version of Superman because he’s gone beyond the point where he’s a sympathetic villain and he’s just pure evil.

  24. At this point, I think we’ll be lucky if it even exists.

  25. The idea is supposed to be that he works out so much that he burns it all off and gets super ripped.

  26. A Burton batsuit is somehow flexible/ durable enough for Flash running purposes lol.

  27. The man literally couldn’t even turn his head. lol

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