1. I think the exit velocities need to be boosted just a touch. Other then that hitting is pretty good

  2. Bichette was annoying. So was Peña. I did Blackmons on the first swing

  3. I’ve only done offline as well but something I’ve noticed is that the exit velos are quite low. Not really hitting a ton of home runs on good swings

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but exit velos seem really low so far. Lot of perfect perfect fly outs

  5. Cautiously optimistic for this. Seems like content has the potential to be the greatest ever but I’m still not sold on all these crazy 99s day 1. We’ll see.

  6. Cautiously optimistic. In terms of content? Has the potential to be the best ever. I’m still not sold on these crazy 99s on day 1 and sets and seasons

  7. Spend a little money and u can basically get an all 99 team right away SMH

  8. It’s literally a featured program and they just renamed it the xp reward path

  9. The fact that there’s 99s available in the show shop tells me the grind to get the 99s in the programs isn’t going to be as hard as people think.

  10. Get 1440p I recently upgraded from 1080p to 1440p and the game looks so much better and it’s easier to see the ball imo

  11. If I play a game that doesn’t support 1440p is it gonna look like ass?

  12. You can change it to 1080p in your console settings I think

  13. Pre order packs then USA Conquest. Try to work the market a bit and make some stubs as I’m doing the USA conquest

  14. Maybe mess with your monitor settings? Should be able to run 1440p

  15. my xbox settings are set to 1440p, and my monitor is 1440p, but if the game doesnt support it, it wont run at 1440p. Some games on S are capped at 1080p, im wondering if that is the case for the show.

  16. You should be able to run the show at 1440p, what I’m saying is that maybe some settings like contrast sharpness saturation etc might be messed up and you need to play with them a bit

  17. DeGrom is in the AL now. It's going to be insanely expensive.

  18. Good chance tatis and Acuna are 90+ too, didn’t see the OVR of those two

  19. Sosa is way better than McGwire, but both are amazing. Collections will be worth the grind this year

  20. I'm going to throw out a slightly different theory. With Sosa being so much better than McGwire, could it be AL West (McGwire), AL (Jeter), MLB (Sosa) and maybe David Wright (NL)? The AL West is going to be insanely expensive (Ohtani, DeGrom, Trout), so an As Big Mac would be a perfect reward for the division. Also, Wright was the only other player featured in the video but they didn't show his card art or attributes. He could very well be a collection reward also.

  21. They showed a 92 captains series card for Wright

  22. Sosa is amazing. McGwire is really good too but he’s not as good as Sosa. Can’t imagine what jeters attributes are gonna look like. Also, the card art is some of the greatest I’ve ever seen

  23. Probably more likely going to be play as ohtani and strike out trout

  24. Jesus christ sasaki is literally an endgame level pitcher if he has outlier

  25. Imo this is sick but core cards are going to be useless at this rate lol

  26. Live series collection will be the only useful ones

  27. This is either going to be the greatest version of DD ever or the worst

  28. So this is the pre order pack. I’ll take didi thank you very much

  29. I think so. The card art looked very similar to the charisma ones.

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