1. The art sets, the Vader one's colors are so close that double checking the instructions plus the actual building was so tedious, I thought they were great till I put one together.

  2. Yeah, there hasn't been anything interesting as of late in this store, that AO is a mix of 5 country's whiskeys which seems mildly interesting but decided against it.

  3. I generally skip to 1:50, heard it so many times that I don't need the long build up.

  4. I built it as well a few months back, it's definitely not a stable build.

  5. Not strict on keto, I do try to eat healthy though. My diet probably leans toward keto, but I doubt I ever get into ketosis on a consistent basis.

  6. I've noticed while doing low carb that I get cramps easily when drinking whiskey, ketosis does make you piss out all your electrolytes, which definitely is part of the problem, for me at least.

  7. Very pretty, I'm sure under other lighting it really pops, but not everything is or needs to be a rainbow.

  8. Ups or FedEx, as they are allowed to haul it, don't do USPS as it's a felony.

  9. Same, it was so different and for some reason hit all the right buttons to keep me hooked.

  10. Did you enjoy them when you were younger? If so they did all you could ask of them.

  11. Deliverance back in 04/05. My best friend at the time bought the album thinking it was a new Otep album he'd never heard of and ended up way better than anticipated. I remember hearing Wreath for the first time, and by the end of the song, thought it was a great album, only for Deliverance to start up, blew my mind at the time.

  12. Pretty sure he's normal sized, his presence is more like that though.

  13. I really enjoy a ruthless MC, and doesn't get more ruthless than boxy, that said I could do without the sexual bits, some of it is funny, others feel tired, the infamous one definitely felt weird to listen to, but overall I've heard a lot worse.

  14. Came to the sub for the nostalgia, stay for the memes.

  15. Listening to it now, imo it's great, it's like a parody on the typical cultivation books and has been enjoyable the whole way through, I'm 2/3 through it.

  16. I'm a fan of the streamlight wedge, use it daily and charge it once a week, give or take, have had it and carried daily since 5/2021

  17. Whenever I'm in town and going to my preferred shop, I'll pick up a good few bottles usually from the stuff behind the counter. Then they'll ask if they can get me anything else, I'll ask if there's anything interesting in the back their willing to sell me, have gotten a couple of things this way.

  18. I do love WWC, and they’d be my number one with a bullet if it weren’t for Westland. I hate how expensive it is, but that stuff is so damn good.

  19. Yeah, they're both expensive, I haven't cracked any of my westlands as of yet.

  20. It's a 25ish hr book, it spends a lot of that time getting to where you are at now, imo it only starts getting good after he gets his class, the build up is to this point is decent, that said this series is consistently the way it is by the end of book one, it's good but tedious all the way.

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