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  1. The WORST episode of Trek. Ever. I’ll take Lizard Paris and Janeway mating on a loop for an hour over this retarded episode.

  2. I see you haven’t watched Picard. Good, you shouldn’t

  3. Oh that’s what that secret Chamber is for

  4. No that’s in a different place, I forgot where. And it’s from ff15. I got that too. It’s an engineblade. Ff8 had gunblades

  5. What even is a “battlepass”? What’s a season pass for that matter?

  6. Summary:No tweaks working i think its rootless thats why And no release for users.

  7. Bit of a different case for fugu14/15. Its semi because you will get unjailbroken when rebooted, but the app to rejailbreak is permanently signed so you can always rejailbreak no matter what.

  8. The single most used card is the 3060, which just took over from the 1060. Those two models (including all their variations) account for 13% of the list.

  9. Not really. It just didn't show the level of improvement people expected. The 20 series started ray tracing which wasn't used by most games, so in the games people were playing the jump on performance wasn't worth the price.

  10. Google helped me find this post after having a green poop panic then remembered I had Gatorade before bed and the rest for breakfast 😂

  11. My coworker was on a road trip and stopped at a the Clinton Library in Little Rock. It's of

  12. In the official app this is called theater mode and I would love to have it available in Apollo

  13. Ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen!!!!

  14. I am curious if you've made a complete PWM % -> RPM profile and/or monitor the RPM during the tests?

  15. An octopus animal would be cool! Thanks for the chance to win a giveaway!

  16. Can I just re-install windows and not format?

  17. This is why you should have planned ahead and paritioned the drive so you can format only the part with windows

  18. There is not a single period in your whole post

  19. Given she is permanently deaf in that ear, she will be reminded every day

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