1. I’m stumped my nearest neighbor is 15 miles away this soil was dug about 6” subsurface in my dairy cows milking pen I hope is a watermelon but I am afraid it might be a piemellon or gourd

  2. Probably a watermelon. Could have been in bird seed or somebody's compost and dropped off by squirrels or birds.

  3. I was thinking this or gourd and didn’t know how to tell the difference in leaves

  4. Leashes caribeaners for rod reels and use them or they will go in the water and a small soft cooler to put cold drinks in

  5. I do the same thing to my pancakes at ihop but they always kick me out when I bust the wine out

  6. If your handy with angle and a welder you can build cross braces and raise them up to fit your camping stuff underneath make it tall enough your cooler lids will open with your kayaks loaded on it. Instead of welding it to the trailer drill and bolt through the angle on the sides so if you need to take it off you can. Throw a toolbox on the front to store all your kayak stuff. And get 3-4” pvc with end screw collars to store rods in and attach them to the sides with u-clamps and self tappers.

  7. And put some eyelets on the braces to be able to lock your coolers up so no one steals them.

  8. Both blacks on live shrimp sight casting them with just a hook no weight all skill

  9. Is it me or does the red on the left seem super long?

  10. Swallowed the hook and it was in slot I guess I could have just let it die in the water 👐🏻

  11. Ah! Is it ok where it is? Just sorta vibing under a pot.

  12. This whole experience is making me rethink what I can put in the collection basket at church.

  13. You don’t have a change dish on your dresser or beside table that has a mixture of change and various calibers??

  14. The world doesn’t live inside your box. To each their own.

  15. Say what you will but democrats really seem less sleazy when compared to republicans. I know they’re mostly corrupt but these dudes just look like they care about the work and the people.

  16. The joke is none of them do but half of America thinks the other half is wrong and as long as they keep us distracted they can keep taking 30% of our money

  17. Exactly. I don’t pick either side. They both have good points and horrible points. The blues really do seem to care about the people a little more though.

  18. Neither care I use to think republican cared more about the people then I realized it’s all a giant scam

  19. Definitely strawberries, but wild? They look pretty well-behaved to me.

  20. I’m just waiting for the day these cops come up behind a dead guy and shoot him because he wasn’t obeying their verbal commands.

  21. It’s already happened they arrested a deaf and mute guy and couldn’t figure out why he would identify himself after they handcuffed him

  22. Well, that’s assuming that everyone that produces sperm is heterosexual.

  23. So your cousin who is a lesbian needed a male to have a baby so that means lesbians can’t have baby’s by themselves? That’s like eating an Oreo and saying you didn’t have any filling because you don’t acknowledge that it’s part of the cookie.

  24. Pretty sure sperm donors can be gay. IVF involves removing eggs and fertilizing them in a dish, then re-implanting the embryo once it shows viability. It’s a pretty routine fertility treatment at this point.

  25. I kill them all year I just don’t focus on killing them until a certain time of year you know keeps it fun

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