1. Most women are as horny as men, they just have to be very careful about who they get with.

  2. It depends. some people are natural empaths, they just feel for other people, and others are just doing it for clout. In a sad way you kind of stereotype people. Empaths, usually are revealed through action rather than said aloud.

  3. Getting hit by lightning. I instantly got mad because I couldn’t believe with all of the crap I’ve been through that that would happen too. You can’t convince me I wasn’t vexed upon conception, curses are real.

  4. Luckily it was a side arc not a direct hit. Hurt like hell, sent my heart beat wild couldn’t breath, that kinda stuff. Pissing weird crystal like stuff was freaky.

  5. Yesssss! I was going to cheat on you you were going to cheat on me but we’re gonna go home like nothing happened? Yes fucking idiotic song

  6. A disintegrating 17th-century Welsh mountain coal village too stubborn to die.

  7. They probably feel they’ve invested too many consonants in the name to give up now.

  8. You've given me a smile I'm going to take to bed with me! Thank you!!

  9. Fancy butter. Makes all the difference in everything. I’m never going with store-brand again.

  10. Following you means he’s interested and curious, but in this day and age is probably terrified to make the first move. So, I would say it’s in your corner to ask him to something, or to chat him up.

  11. Usually pretty terrible. Depends on how stupid the argument is

  12. I bet you smell like patchouli and old tacos, believe that Saturn and Mars are why you’re crazy, and super sexy because you’ll bed down anything that doesn’t run away in terror from not wanting to go deep into the Red Flag Wholesale Warehouse.

  13. He says its because he’s tired from work or that he just isnt in the mood as much anymore but I feel there’s an underlying issue.

  14. Yeah, there is. I can understand tired to a certain extent, but there’s a limit. Maybe depression, or some kind of resentment towards something? Or something physical with him or you?

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