1. I didn’t order one but we’d talked to the CEO for the podcast when it was first announced. He also let me sit in for a production meeting back in October/Novemberish.

  2. He got the ball rolling on this show, and for that I am grateful. But the ball has plenty of inertia and doesn’t need him anymore.

  3. I really like this perspective. I haven’t seen it yet in the wave of commentaries; it’s appreciated

  4. As production showrunner, one of his studios working on Rick and Morty had such bad conditions, hours, and lack of benefits that the workers were forced to unionize to even get health insurance and stop working 60 hour weeks while getting paid a 40 hour a week salary. This was a studio that he created and ran. Then, on top of that, instead of apologizing for the horrid conditions HE had a hand in putting them through, he just went on social media to bash the unions and say he wasn't even aware there were problems (after the studio heads pulled the employees into a meeting about how unions are bad...completely unaware of what was going on, right?)

  5. Yea, we had to slightly change the color and remove something from it, so it's a little different. You owe me nothing further, I got you

  6. lol go shave your beard old man

  7. I was going to, but then my wife stopped me! I’ve seen hairless cats with better facial hair

  8. "Mottos are dumb. Let's not have one."

  9. I'mmmmm the quuueeeeeeeEEeEEnnnNNn of FrraaanNNnNnccCCccEeee

  10. What do you want to do for the next phase of your life? That phase doesn’t need to be the rest of your life… hell, it may not be the next two years, but you should start thinking about what you might want to do and what you need to get there.

  11. Really appreciate the insight. Like you said, figuring out what I want to do when i grow up is def the hard part. Oh and thanks for reminding me. Def don't want to waste that $4500. First on my list is PMP. Need a boot camp for sure from what I hear.

  12. Of course! I'm not completely out yet, but I'm here to help where I can!

  13. White-haired dude in the bottom left is definitely Ted Danson.

  14. Lazy is relative and despite the “auto” in “automod” it’s programmed automation. Someone took their personal time to build that in to keep the inevitable wave of “look at the Rick and Morty Christmas gift” posts from clogging the community.

  15. The crowd will plainly show the prisoner, who now stands before you, was caught red-handed showing feelings

  16. showing feelings of human nature, this will not do

  17. You know what Losertit? You’re a winnertit in my book

  18. Then you did not watch the new season

  19. Maybe OP watched Season 5 thinking Season 5 is the latest season instead of watching Season 6 knowing that Season 6 is the new season?

  20. I’d like to see general board feedback, not core specific, and maybe some expectations of all 5Zs going forward.

  21. I don’t know if you know this, but I can’t disagree with you. Heck, I’ve tried and I just can’t do it!

  22. Shoutout to Bryan Newton, Erica Hayes, Anthony Chun and Jacob Hair (the only one of the four still with the show)

  23. That’s what Adult Swim wants you to think. It’s totally gonna be some fucked up shit like Too Many Cooks though. That camera focus on the couple and then on the person in the doorway is top tier though.

  24. It's by Casper Kelly, the same guy who did too many cooks!

  25. There have been a few posts over the years about the best episode to start someone onto Rick and Morty.

  26. Which is to say: the first 4 episodes aren’t high on the list, haha

  27. Alright. I’m in the middle of episode 3, so we’ll see how it goes...

  28. It is true. You can check out the 1993 movie Alive, starring Ethan Hawke, which is based on that story (which RaM was probably more directly influenced by)

  29. they’re hard done by in this thread by not listing them as special guests above.

  30. The supervillains are a metaphor for internet trolls.

  31. I like that read of it; especially as a complement to Full Meta Jackrick (which Siciliano points out in the Inside the Episode)

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