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  1. Msm always called GameStop a “meme stock darling”

  2. https://www.axios.com/2022/12/05/gamestop-begins-layoff

  3. https://www.axios.com/2022/12/05/gamestop-begins-layoff

  4. Just remember you are creating a taxable event.. if you were here from the beginning, and in the US, whatever plan you are being "forced" to do needs to factor this in, especially if you plan to do this before the end of the year. Leaving your position now if you are net positive would mean that you will need to pay taxes on gains by next April. If you've also held since the beginning, you'll need to remember that repurchasing would mean you will be out of the long term tax bracket for at least another year. I don't know your entire situation, but if it has to do with the need for money (Divorce maybe, and splitting assets) you can find institutions that will let you use your shares as collateral and take out a loan against them so you do not have to sell.

  5. Most likely OP is facing a net loss so there would not be taxes due

  6. Our share price post splividend was $45 in August and has settled at $25. Why is this acceptable for months to sit at $25?

  7. IT IS THE NEXT INTEGRATION CHILL OUT BRO. Wallet connect is next on the list cmon how often do you research the questions you have before posting them?

  8. The day the books were revealed. It is in multiple comments on multiple posts. If you go back 6 days or whatever day they launched and read the posts, there are many discussions about the two gifts with first being splivvy and second potentially being NFT

  9. After one day discussion then no new revelations were made

  10. But they are not and I don’t get it. We should have mooned by now

  11. MSM paints GME as very volatile but I wish it was actually volatile instead of a steady lower price

  12. and I bet GameStop will be profitable again within this time frame. So a locked free float and and a profitable company isn’t the best combo when your short right 😁

  13. I saw a clip on CNBC today and they were reporting the Carl Icahn had a large short position that was established when GameStop was $483 a share and they were showing the graphic of its current price of $25 but that is post split they failed to note that so let people think that he rode the short for $483 down to $25.

  14. Gemini was the only place I could figure out in sept 2021 to purchase crypto before that I was using PayPal but they only allowed 4 tokens to be bought and no lrc

  15. Got it. Yeah, I now have a Ledger hardware wallet I use in conjuction with my Gamestop and Loopring wallets. I never leave anything in Coinbase or any other CEX for that matter, especially after the FTX fiasco.

  16. It’s totally on my mind the past week. So I could transfer my Eth and loops to GameStop wallet but what about all my other shit coins

  17. Create wallets and reviews on App Store is the way, let’s get it up there! 🟣

  18. Five star reviews and became power up pro members too

  19. How can I transfer from gemini to GameStop iOS wallet

  20. What about all the other product lines they have besides games ?

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