1. Tony beats your favorite 155’er any day of the week if he wasn’t 40

  2. Javi ate her … wouldn’t be surprised if Ben found the remains soon enough in that tree

  3. Dc’s skin being darkened to look like Batman got me crying

  4. I wouldn’t wax this jacket if I owned it personally. It’ll darken over time with wear anyway.

  5. Well I think tonight was a great night,Yeah. Lads, have a swell one

  6. It would be hilarious and sick if Volk fought Conor at Welterweight. I need to see Volk in every weight class.

  7. We’re gonna send tobias, harden and whatever else for kawhi to play 36 games and win us a chip

  8. Anyone else not looking forward to diablo?

  9. I’m going to tell my kids one day I played classic vanilla

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