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  1. Took me a minute to remember that Jackie became an Onassis later in life lmao

  2. Literally most women have a rape fetish. Over 60% admit to it. And that’s just ones admitting to it. Think about that. Despite all the taboo, still over half admit to it. So, if he’s got even a little bit of dating/sexual experience, he’s run into a woman with a rape fetish before Anon. The issue probably is you asked for it the first fucking time you had sex. That’s crazy, bitch. Straight up bonkers. Have vanilla sex a few times before you wheel in the role playing shit. Get used to each other a little.

  3. Its funny how toxic this sub is about every new paradox release. I think lately the HOI debs have actually been doing soke great work. Mfs expecting perfect physics in their grand stretegy, getting upset because the meta broke. Just mess around, have fun.

  4. Yeah I’ve loved this DLC. I like the designers cause they appeal to my LARP brain, people saying “just give historical equipment” don’t realize that breaks part of the “steer your country how you want” thing HOI is going for

  5. Absolutely. If you want unabashed realism play HOI3. Hoi4 allows more freedom. Sure I think there could be more historicity but lets not pretend that pre DLC the air system and researches were very accurate.

  6. Its funny because ive definitely listened to music and thought "yeah this is queer af ay lmao" but ive never really identified a song as my trans anthem.

  7. I agree. So many posts on here will be like "good flag" and it looks really mininalist and corporate. Outjerked again 💀


  9. I feel like at that point ya let em land and capture them and their planes lmao

  10. As an Aussie itd be awesome to see Australia play a part by accepting American refugees, but I can see why most would pick the Legation Cities.

  11. Both of these girls have penises bc one of them plays HOI4

  12. Virgin "why girl haf benis" vs Chad "they play paradox games" 😎

  13. Where fascism in this meme, just having hitler in the meme make the meme itself fascist?

  14. The meme implies that Hitler was right by showing Stalin being horrified at the modern left and queers. The title asks "I wonder who really won?", questioning if our nodern world was the better ending. The meme is basically saying "well I hate the left and lgbt and if Hitler had won then things wouldnt be like this."

  15. Stalin is horrified because his idea of communism has been co-opted by people who he would find detestable.

  16. Sure I bet Stalin would call modern communists "evil reformists" or whatever. The real evil comes from the juxtaposition of Stalin being horrified by the modern left and queer folk, to the laughing Hitler and the title. OP asks "I wonder who won in the end", and that implya that OP considers these things (the modern left and queer folk) detestable and that Hitler was right about these things. And we all know how Hitler felt about LGBT folk and leftists.

  17. Funi, actual nationalists seething. This sub works best when we make fun of nationalism through irony rather than just become a safe space for actual nationalists 💀

  18. I mean Russia is doing awful shit but the US regularly bombs hospitals and civilian targets.

  19. I mean yeah fuck Russia for all the horrible shit theyre unleashing on Ukraine and the Russian populace. But also it is funny to see people care all of a sudden when its white people not brown.

  20. they skipped the middle part this is the new vegas version of the quote 💀💀💀

  21. Tucking to the side helps, along the waistband. I guess at a certain size (or hardness) it becomes more difficult. Tucking looks to hard and tbh I really couldnt care if womeone can see a bulge in my jeans 😤

  22. Industrial scale genocide was done in concentration camps, mostly done in territory that was fully under their control for quite some time, a lot in Germany proper or places near their borders (like Poland).

  23. I mean the Nazis deported Jews from far and wide, however closer to the front yes it was usually the SS or the Webrmacht doing the killings.

  24. Yes they shipped off jews from far and wide. If you were not jewish or jewish but not near a rail line, you were experiencing Bucha under the nazis. There's no difference.

  25. I mean more than just Jews got sent to death camps but point taken.

  26. On the one hand I understand the "I don't want to play spaa" mentality, I used to hate playing spaa. But on the other hand, if you refuse to bring spaa or even learn how to fly fighters in grb, you're part of the problem. Refusing to use the counter given to you and generally at a lower RP and SL cost for the relevant tiers and just allowing enemy CAS to roam freely is asinine at best and completely idiotic at worst

  27. Ill be real I stick to low tier, like the only thing i have from tier 3 is the the fucken jagdpanzer 38t or whatever but I fucken love playing AA, especially if you have a few belts of good hvap, means you can help on the ground whilst also taking out planes. Im still not very good at it but it is very rewarding to knock out a few silly players from the sky

  28. Fuck society Im showin off my girl dick they can stop lookin at my crotch. 😭😤😤😤

  29. From memory he tried to introduce some liberalism, but did it really badly, sort of like the Deng reforms, but full of trust of the capitalists and without any security or monitoring, resulting in a mess that combined the worst of both a planned economy and some elements of capitalism, in other words he made things much worse and used his own failures to justify an even bigger one by dissolving the state he was supposed to serve and lead.

  30. Ah I see yeah thats pretty cringe Gorbi. Pizza Hut isnt even that good of a pizza joint.

  31. I just want milk that tastes like real milk

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