1. If I had to pick between DK and Wilson I would choose Wilson all day. The real question is how these young guys turn out. Depending on who hits, either team could win the trade.

  2. Noah Sewell then TooToo. Almost all platforms are going to TruePosition making MLB one of the thinnest IDP positions.

  3. In a start 7 (i assume its a 2DL-2LB-2DB-1Flex) I wouldn’t pay up for any star IDP. IDP is so much deeper than offense, You can find guys for free that will be 80-90% of Hutch or a top guy.

  4. Damn I might fucked up my team then. I took Micah parson as my 5th pick. Thibodeux as my 9th, will Anderson 11th, Kyle Hamilton 13. Damn.

  5. Jalen Pitre last year was undrafted and finished as the DB1. Zaire Franklin was free and a waiver claim and was a LB1. Raashan Evans was basically free and was a top 10 LB. These occurrences on offense happen, But on a much much smaller scale.

  6. Ok thanks for the insight. Big oof on my draft then. Damn

  7. Go talk to your doctor about gender reaffirming treatment.

  8. Absolutely the worst puzzles I’ve ever done in a game.

  9. I took him as the 26 rb off the board. I thought it was a decent value for a boom bust opportunity

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