SNP Leadership Election: Humza Yousaf wins

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  1. That reminds me... what do architects even do? Collecting data for engineers? Design how pretty the structures must be?

  2. Relieving result, but still quite scary how close it was after Kate Forbes made her regressive views publicly known

  3. Do you honestly think that Humza, a practicing Muslim does not share similar views, he just keeps them to himself as to not alienate his support?

  4. We don't know because he doesn't shout about them or let it affect his politics which is as it should be.

  5. Well 6 years ago the Telegraph reported that half of all British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal:

  6. Scarface, Goodfellas, The Departed and The Shining

  7. All women like different male characteristics, some like muscles, other like ‘dad bods’… some like funny guys, others like men with critical intelligence.

  8. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tom Holland or Timothée Chalamet became the next Matt Damon or also DiCaprio

  9. He took her roughly 436.7 miles away into safety!

  10. I think that at a 28” waist, they go up to 32 or 33” leg length

  11. Me personally, I've been avoiding all beaches and watercourses since before brexit, but tbh it helps that I'm not an outdoorsy guy. Anyone else?

  12. Typical Redditor, haha! I bet you avoid pubs, offices and women too…?

  13. Leon FR no question, I used to own one and it was a fantastic car!!

  14. Word of advice… don’t believe anything that Liam says on Twitter!!

  15. Luckily we are an island that’s rabies free! But jokes aside, it means you are a squirrel whisperer

  16. *except St James, Lost It All & 4:00AM

  17. They aren’t on that album? Those songs were recorded during the Nightmare album sessions?

  18. On the original DVD/CD release back in 2008 St. James, Lost it All, 4:00 AM, Set Me Free, and Paranoid weren’t on there. Paranoid was out but on a WB cover compilation CD. The rest were recording during the Nightmare, and Hail to the King sessions, but added to re-release for digital and vinyl.

  19. Woah, thanks for the insight! I wonder why they decided to throw them all together? I guess it means that for streaming services, DitR is more of a melting pot of A7X b-sides, rather that just their 2007-08 songs

  20. Guinness and Tullamore Dew, sounds like a fabulous person! I’ll have a drink to him tonight

  21. Stfu you are just feeling soft knowing that New York is no longer called ‘New Amsterdam’

  22. The sound waves that make the noise that we call that note is naturally occurring, however we have assigned it a name that was invented by humans

  23. Walk up to the cunt and hug him! Typically girls hug around the waist/ribs and the guys arms will go up high around arms/shoulders

  24. If it’s with gravy or roast vegetables, I’ll have fat triple cooked chips.

  25. Hockey players need mass (which comes in muscle or fat) to give them power during a game.

  26. Really like it! Had a nice vibe to it, could imagine it being played at a beach club in Ibiza!

  27. Woah, it is pretty abstract! What genre is this considered?

  28. I like the overall mix of the track, towards the end it goes mega-80's and would fit in the soundtrack to a film like Scarface!

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