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  1. in his dreams lol, even scary Sheogorath from the lore is more based than p*terson

  2. This makes sense though. The initial test isnt involving a full on geth attack, once he realises the mission parameters have changed, he needs to handle it all differently.

  3. that would have been so much better, and eden prime is ass, im sure its better in LE some i havent played yet but still, you wanna get all the loot cuz its mass effect 1 you need that loot money for a nice specter gun in the end and stuff, but all the containers are out of the way, the dialogue is off just not up to the same level as other parts, the lighting looks really weird even in LE thats not how fire affects light, and it just drags on, i think its going for suspensful but it just feels like a slog you have to get through to get to the real game

  4. It took me so long to find out that you can save Nihlus if you run past the initial enemies and reach him before Saren shoots. I'm glad I eventually did tho because he's simply fantastic on the Citadel party

  5. disappointed in her sometimes but only rooted for her more overtime mostly, she does a little growth a quirkly little character arc, no ones perfect but shes kinda the best person in the show overall

  6. skyrims 1st person camera is very disorienting for some reason, so while i generally play first person in other things skyrims better in third

  7. something tells me they arent free to use the robots outside of work which is fucked up as hell, being able to live by remote control basically is a great step up from being paralyzed the technology itself is awesome and could give many people a chance at an almost normal life, but if theyre only able to use them for work thats slavery

  8. Problematic art is often still influential and “good”. I think you are valid to love it as long as you acknowledge its problematic-ness. Which it seems you do.

  9. harry potter my problematic beloved, (just make sure any hp content ya get doesnt put money in joanes pocket)

  10. When others judge me for not having a “varied diet” or a “colorful plate.”

  11. i hate being judged for enjoying a few specific things in general like just let me play a few games listen to the same music and stuff lol

  12. *lays in bed all day cuz everything is to loud and bright.. evily

  13. just go outside get washed over with reality, worked for me

  14. I will now go to india somehow end up at the same place how hard could it be? and i'll get it extra extra spicy and walk out of there like nothing

  15. im so glad they made sure the baby was okay with this first im sure she wont find it horribly upsetting when she grows up being famous for a birth defect subjected to the full force of the internet before she could even walk

  16. its really the best part of the mages guild idk why so many people seem to not like them

  17. The quest design is also a lot more inventive than the impossibly lame and interchangeable Necromancer War dungeon crawls. The Mages’ Guild falls off a cliff in terms of quality the moment you hit the university

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