1. Did they change the materials of the suit or is it still rubbery?

  2. For what I mentioned next please keep in mind It takes time for the damage to be noticeable because it happens slowly. Then of course by the time you actually notice it it's far too late.

  3. Thanks! I just can’t find some way to light my statues up. I think a spotlight would be my best bet but the possibility of fading got me worried.

  4. I’ve had my Civil War BP figure in a dynamic pose for well over a few years now. The material is fine. I think as long as you keep it out of direct sunlight and in a climate controlled room, should be fine.

  5. Alright. I will test out some dyanmic poses. If you can recommend one who does great poses can you send me a link? Thanks!

  6. Thanks! Also, I’m having a hard time posing these figures with the stand. I live in an area where earthquake happens 1-2x a year. How should I go about it?

  7. No issues for me so far. It’s a great looking figure for any Batman collector.

  8. The flaking issue happens only with what part of the figure?

  9. So the issue is that she isn't really listening to you. You told her honestly how it makes you feel when you don't get enough alone time, and she's basically telling you that you're wrong. Learning to listen and accept what another person is telling you is part of learning to be a good communicator. She can't just assign her own personality traits and feelings and values to everyone else. We're all different.

  10. I added some more info from my previous post. What do you think about what I did?

  11. I think that you two need to have an open honest conversation about compatibility. Am I presuming too much to guess that you're both pretty young? As you get older, you learn to have boundaries and your relationships will get healthier and easier.

  12. Yes we’re both young. I’m her first while she’s my 2nd. Had a previous relationship where I spent almost all my days with. That didn’t end up well cause we developed resentment for each other

  13. This is a great comment!! Now is a really good time to make sure you’re building a good understanding of each other and that your relationship will actually work for both of you.

  14. I am okay with comfortable silence but when I was with her inside a room, she always wanted to cuddle and when I don’t get to entertain her she gets sad. I told her that whenever she wants to meet, I then have the responsibility to entertain her for the day, instead of having the day for myself. To keep myself from draining, and the same time provide her needs, I suggested that we could meet multiple times in a week but not in 2-3 straight days because I have to recharge between days. When I told her this she just focused on the entertaining part. She told me she was offended and not loved by the looks of what I said. She said she couldn’t understand why I get drained but when I explained it that’s what happens. It’s frustrating to say the least. Can’t say I was not wrong though? But it’s difficult for me to communicate this concept, with every explanation to no avail.

  15. Seems to me like she's either not understanding introversion or straight up denying that it exists. Maybe ask her to consult with other intoverts to affirm that this is a trait and nothing personal?

  16. She did. The said introvert told her that if she’s with someone special it’s different, that I shouldn’t get drained.

  17. The HT breastplate armor has a gloss finish in all their pictures, whereas the movie and InArt is a matte finish. It's the biggest reason I'm getting the InArt over HT. That and the proportions look off with HT.

  18. Same sentiments my brother. Idk why HT can’t seem to nail the proportions and accuracy in certain major characters. I guess they’re just making figures for the sake releasing

  19. I really like both versions. In my opinion there's no super clear winner. There are several factors you have to consider and what you want more. Magnets vs regular, rooted vs sculpted, difference in bases, accessories and much more.

  20. HT’s pattinson sculpt looks like an emo boy sadly

  21. Yes, that would be sick. Do you have any if the damtoys RE figs. I know they've dropped a couple, but I haven't seen much about them.

  22. Havent seen the damtoys, only HT. i was introduced to HT with their wesker figure. I had no means to buy it at that time so all I did was watch videos of the figure. Leon, Chris, Wesker are my fave characters of the series

  23. Yes! And Albert Wesker too and his signature midnight coat 😎

  24. Books talaga. Maybe you haven’t found the right book yet. Try self help books like

  25. Is it alright if I only read comics? Cause that’s what really interests me.

  26. I do not, I'd personally be hesitant to use blu-tac.

  27. I do not buy statutes because of the lack of display options.

  28. Most of my HT are on museum pose cause I’m afraid the figure amd its materials may break :(

  29. I collect both, but honestly I only have two HTs and mainly just window shop.

  30. I you don’t mind, how many statues do you own?

  31. Dust isn't going to damage them as such, it's just the build up of dust over time, if not removed, can embed into fabrics and stain the figures. Dust won't actually degrade or weaken materials. Dust won't affect figures such as stormtroopers or Ironman figures as much for example as their exterior armours are mostly hard and non porous. It's mainly light coloured porous fabrics or other materials that could potentially be discoloured by the dust embedding itself into the material. Even in this worst case they could be cleaned to restore original colours. I would say it is pretty safe to display them outside of cases, but they should be dusted fairly regularly to stop a build up of dust.

  32. Was planning to display my knightmare batman outside is it cool given his materials?

  33. IMO it's fine. Just give him a dust every now and then. IMO again, these figures are to be enjoyed, not kept in their boxes for fear of damage or a bit of dust. I mostly have mine in cases, but that's mainly because I'm too lazy to dust 😅. I have some statues and stormtroopers on the top of bookshelves and they are doing just fine.

  34. Some of the materials in knightmare have fabric materials on it specifically the trousers? Would dusting it with make up brush do the trick? I don’t know how to keep the condition good without having the need wash it 😅

  35. Purchased the solo edition recently but I will definitely buy this! I love both suits but something about the helmet and muscle bulk of CW that makes choose CW iver the solo 🤩

  36. this is often the case, personally I have 2 Classic to convert one to Jungle, 2 Celtic, one to Chopper and 2 Ancient for the two bio mask

  37. Did buy a 2nd copy of DX13. I just couldn’t resist it. Probably my most precious item in my collection that’s why I wanted another 😓

  38. Mark 85 battle damage is the way to go. The details are astonishing

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