1. Agreed. Lots of ppl on here keep saying she’s a catch and gorgeous. Looks-wise I find her average at best, and that’s more to do with her body than face. Just personal opinion. Personality wise, she’s a pushover and while she owns multiple homes my gut tells me that has more to do with her ex bf than her. Also her family screams toxic to me. Bartlebe is not a catch himself, but think it was a blessing in disguise for him to not end up with her.

  2. Was born here. Not by choice but by birth. Calm down. The fact we have multiple things named after nazis doesn’t change anything. But facts are facts

  3. How does that change at all the point I was making? If anything it makes you look worse bc you hate where you live and still choose not to leave.

  4. I’m not judging you for getting pegged. I think that’s cool. Don’t judge me for hating nazis. Thanks

  5. Wow, you profile stalked me? That’s the equivalent of not having a good argument and needing to dig into my background to develop a new one.

  6. I mean if nothing else Biden has ateast tried or accomplished most of what he set out to do as president. He couldn't do a lot with 50 senate votes but he did a surprising amount in 2 years. I definitely don't think he's the sharpest but coming from someone who also shuddered as a child, I get why his speeches sometimes make no sense or come off as weirdly worded.

  7. So I’ll admit some ignorance here, which cabinet members do you feel have done a good job. I ask because the only one that easily comes to mind is Mayor Pete for transportation and I think he’s been fairly incompetent at his job.

  8. I'm skeptical we have enough insight to say anyone is doing a bad or good job (albeit they generally seem better than the Trump administration but that's a low bar). What makes you say Buttigeg is incompetent?

  9. Think about all the issues we’ve had since he’s taken the position: railroad strikes, infrastructure funding, and while not completely his fault exponentially more airline issues lately. What part of transportation in America right now can you speak about in a positive way? Basically none.

  10. So…maybe this speaks ill of me, but at least he’s trying to do something? My wife (LLF) avoids all aspects of sex like the plague. I mean if she sat me down and said “I’m sorry I don’t feel like having sex very often. I love you and want you to be satisfied in our marriage. I know it’s not the same, but here is a top-of-line sex toy to try and help.” I think I’d kinda be ok that she acknowledged and tried to address the situation.

  11. Yea I agree with this take. It's obviously not the solution OP wanted, and it's still kinda lazy on their partner, but I guess they at least see OP's urges as a real thing and are trying to provide some kind of "fix-it" solution.

  12. Ketchup on eggs is bad, but Whataburger spicy ketchup on eggs is chef’s kiss

  13. When will people learn-if a place is listed as cheap and good, people will all move there. Making it no longer cheap and good.

  14. You mean the economic concept of supply and demand? Pretty sure everyone is aware of it.

  15. Where do you live? Bc if homeownership is that important to you then you may need to move to another area more affordable.

  16. Eh kinda depends on what time period you are referring to. I mean a lot of cities are like Austin nowadays. It's like the 11th biggest city in the US I think now, it's gonna have a lot in common with other big cities.

  17. Omg how dense are you? OP literally said "it's not a pissing contest....They're both bad in their own ways". And your response is basically "ours is worse"?

  18. I believe the last part about the Hipster to be a pretty accurate representation.

  19. In some cities maybe. Others will dip like 3-5%. I hate these types of reports bc they don’t accurately reflect the vast differences in markets.

  20. Lol ya know, you may have convinced me to be a SJW. After all, you’re apparently never wrong in your eyes even when presented with clear cut evidence. You’re as bad as a MAGA supporter. Just opposite ends of the same stick.

  21. I don't even think you know what you're saying at this point.

  22. Ah so now you’re trying to gaslight me? Interesting tactic.

  23. Mortgage interest rates have doubled, even tripled in some cases. Of courses prices are cooling off- People who have cash are waiting, people who were on the line can't afford it anymore. You're talking hundreds of thousands extra in interest now.

  24. Agreed. It has the setup to be awesomely walkable and bike friendly for residents, but it's all restaurants and offices. Where's the shopping?

  25. Isn’t there a Publix right down the road/near the entrance of the community?

  26. Those who attack schools and educators around indoctrination, CRT, and other bullshit that isn’t happening will undoubtedly be silent on this one.

  27. So if I agree with CRT being taught then I have to agree with this teacher being able to teach his thoughts too?

  28. This is gross....also didnt happen in Austin. Happened in a smaller town 30 minutes north.

  29. No, Pflugerville is not 30 minutes north of Austin. Their city limits border each other and it is a suburb of Austin and considered part of the Austin Metro area. So yes, it did happen in Austin, just not technically Austin proper.

  30. I’m honestly confused here, why is expanding I-35 a bad thing? Especially as buda and Kyle grow in population.

  31. Everyone with a brain knows that this is a terrible idea, but TxDOT is going to do their thing no matter what. I have stopped caring long ago. Austin is and always will be a car-centric hellhole. Personally I am making plans to move to a city that actually cares about residents' quality of life.

  32. The problem is that you and your ilk keep handwaving Huntsville's traffic due to its lack of quantity when people (such as the OP) are talking about the quality of the traffic. There are just people around here that don't seem to care and/or realize how their driving affects others. I grew up in an area where people generally respected each other on the road. It wasn't always perfect, but you could put a turn signal on and far more often than not, have them let you into the lane. Here? Good luck with that. I encounter people way too often that can't be bothered to move over when I'm trying to merge onto 565 (and there's no one in their way).

  33. Yea and that concept isn't secluded to just HSV. Bad driving is in all cities nowadays. A big factor of that is due to cities being giant melting pots of driving styles now that people move from one city to another more often. You end up with this cornucopia of drivers: aggressive drivers, conservative drivers, apathetic drivers, etc. They don't mesh well and you get traffic issues, but once again this is in EVERY CITY. Stop trying to think HSV traffic is unique, it's not. It has rush hour traffic like every other city and it has its fair share of bad drivers like every other city.

  34. quit gatekeeping traffic. I lived in Los Angeles and you don't see me gatekeeping that

  35. Yea I'm not following why this would be misconstrued as an Onion article. There are lots of parks that have these areas set up (like others have mentioned). Considering all the other fitness facilities and trails that JH Park has this doesn't seem that surprising.

  36. But isn't x for the hug (crossed hands) and o for the kiss (mouth shape)? Wouldn't xoxo be the short for hugs and kisses (in that order)? I'm not british tho.

  37. Interesting take. I always thought the x was the kiss bc it looks like two lips kissing another two lips, and then the o was the hug because both people kinda make an O with their arms when they go to hug.

  38. Because most of the media is just a PR arm for the police.

  39. Are you kidding me? You think most of the media writes favorable stories about the police?!?! Quite the opposite my friend. Media loves to trash on the tactics of police, whether warranted or not.

  40. It's actually ridiculous they want us to suddenly believe he's a liar when his biggest flaw was being too honest to the point it was hurtful.

  41. Exactly! Not once on the show did Cole ever lie. He put his foot in his mouth many times and perhaps should have bit his tongue more, but never lied. Even with that awkward convo with Matt, he owned up to it and painted Colleen in a good light. It’s why when he says those reunion accusations never happened is why I believe him.

  42. Try applying to the Bay Area tech companies. They have some WFH roles. The one area they aren’t doing hiring freezes on is engineering.

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