1. Turning the trigger vibration down to low helped me massively. Also, use a higher on-throttle diff while you get used to it. And, join a community where others can join you on track for practice and offer advice and encouragement etc.

  2. AAOL matches your requirements; no-assists and Mondays. I’ve done a couple of seasons with them. 👍

  3. Feel free to join us on Discord. We’re friendly. 👋

  4. There are currently 9 full time seats. With a few currently waiting for testing. We are also collaborating with A1881 league (awesome guys) for league reserves and joint practice sessions.

  5. We host 25% double-header practice sessions, ahead of our 50% race. BOXBOXRACE

  6. It's a shame you're on the Xbox. We have a small PlayStation community for no assists racing, and often practice together. Maybe see you when cross-play arrives. Good luck out there!

  7. Join a nice league or fun race community. Open lobbies just cause grey hairs and increased blood pressure. :(

  8. Always good to meet nice people to race race with. I’ll do you.

  9. I’ve been playing without assists since f1 2019 and was quite good in the last two games (had around a 1:03.2 in Austria in f1 2021) but holy shit have I struggled with this game… I’ve had to go from around 105 AI to 88 and I’m still struggling… every race start im either spinning or falling back like 5 positions… im having to go extremely easy on the throttle out of every single slow corner and generally find myself around a second off in race pace… so yeah, im kind off going insane with this game

  10. At 88 AI that still sounds incredibly fast to me! But I know what you mean. I have struggled to adapt to these cars too. I’m happy to be finishing races now though. Keep at it!

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