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  1. Y’all need to read and be realistic. The PPP Loans were taken out for their businesses, and used to cover salaries, health insurance, and other benefits for employees rather than laying them off. But y’all be so quick to be eat the rich, y’all don’t even know what’s going on. Think before you be disgusting.

  2. Kim doesn’t like alcohol so it’s not shocking she spit it out.

  3. She knew he didn’t want that kid from the beginning of her pregnancy. She had him anyway. Now the kid is fatherless and rich.

  4. Good American’s loan funded the salaries and health insurance of almost 60 employees. Based on the comments, you’d think Khloe had a personal loan forgiven.

  5. People are stupid and don’t actually read. They also don’t care they just wanna drag. Their employees got to keep their jobs, while they could’ve just been laid off.

  6. No offense but Kris is friends with someone (

  7. Looks like a bunch of friends having fun to me y’all are too harsh sometimes

  8. I swear people on this sub are so miserable.

  9. Mostly because there is no difference in their relationship/public appearance, before and after Astroworld. It’s literally the exact same as it was before.

  10. She gone have a business for each child to inherit. Not mad at it. Generational wealth.

  11. Please consider not supporting a billionaire or the fast fashion industry, thank you!!!!!

  12. these pics are soo cute but I wish I could just fly to Bahamas for my birthday too lol

  13. babe it’s a beyoncé lyric 💀


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