1. I can’t stop listening to “gang bang” and “blue Monday” shit makes me orgasm

  2. There mashing up the song with more than just this

  3. wtf happened to this subreddit y’all have become mentally impaired, you bitches needa pull your head outta y’all ass cause this isn’t the first time people have uploaded her music, mass dm’ing him isn’t gonna suddenly make him stop uploading her music either… y’all are over here popping blood vessels and ripping your hair out over this loose booty twink like it’s embarrassing atp…

  4. Exactly like dm’ing them ain’t gon do shit, they still finna upload her music.

  5. Just ignore these ignorant dipshits who don’t even bother to do there research. There a waste of fucking time to talk to.

  6. Why does she look like albino Greta thumberg

  7. I obsessed over inscription and I was so happy mark played it

  8. The forest,inscription, SCP containment breech, 3 scary games, uno, 3 weird games, raft, and hand simulator!!

  9. Why is her hair standing up?? 💀😭

  10. I love rocks too, my collection is pretty big!

  11. They do post people who fake but sometimes some actually seem real or they don’t give any proof the person is faking.

  12. Mamas in the kitchen with the baby on fire 🔥😚🫶

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