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  1. This is me but swap the bowler with the Shelby Monaco King Cobra

  2. When it's it's car I wanna cruise around in in a realistic manner I tend to just pur a few more horses under the hood, a couple minor cosmetic changes to fit the car more to my liking and other misc stuff until I get a pleasant ride. Then I'll make a homemade-looking paintjob

  3. The visuals on the video don’t relate, I just put that image over the audio for the fun of it lol.

  4. Either the 1999 Shelby Series 1 or the 1963 Shelby Monaco King Cobra

  5. You got my hopes up for a second, thought the updated photo mode came out early haha, regardless, these genuinely look really neat. Nice one! 👌🏻

  6. I kinda like to meet in the middle, I like my cars to look like they are home-customised. (Though it is probably even a little too polished to be home made as well)

  7. Looks mega swanky 👌🏻 The grandpa look is my go-to as well lol, everyone in my class calls me the wise old man, though I’m younger than all of the.

  8. How do you have it tuned, what do you have it set up for?

  9. Really just for cruising in all honesty. Just added some more horsepower and some cosmetic upgrades just to make it a little more fancy. Didn’t want it super overpowered, it’s still in mid B class lol. I just drive this slowly, but pleasantly around the map with the music on in the background.

  10. Imagine driving at the Festival to lets say Claim a barn find Just to ENTER SOMEONES FCKING EVENT LAB!!

  11. It’s honestly not that big of an issue though- :/ You can just exit it if you accidentally enter the initial menu. It doesn’t instantly force you to play the event.

  12. It’s funny that you think PG developed the AI that well. The AI haven’t learnt anything from player information whatsoever. I remember back when I was first playing Horizon 5, my sisters drivatar (who had played Forza Horizon 4 once) is miles ahead of me in a race on Horizon 5 in a 1950s Ford F-150 whilst I’m just barely managing to keep up in my Lambo Sesto FE lmfao. It’s still the same nowadays, only I can now secure 1st place, and I’m no longer racing against a 1950s F-150 in an S2/X Class anything goes race. Mainly makes no sense how my sisters drivatar is still ahead that good.

  13. Guessing Horizon 5, but Horizon 4 is still pretty popular. In 5 the “Best Car” in my definition would be a car that can do anything with one tune. The wider player base considers this to be the Mercedes CLK GTR (not the Forza Edition, it is somehow worse than the normal edition lol) it can do off-road, rally, asphalt racing and drifting (on all surfaces) all with one tune. My personal pick however is the McLaren F1 GT. the way I tuned it, I feel it’s better than the Mercedes CLK GTR with just a slight sacrifice in Off-Road grip.

  14. Maybe she's not that old, she just doesn't dye her hair.

  15. Or even the opposite, young people deliberately dye their hair white/grey as a fashion nowadays lol.

  16. Bees should be there, but I understand people fear them the same as wasps/hornets

  17. Don’t really mind it lol it doesn’t merit the attention it gets from either side. It’s an alright feature that doesn’t really bug the gameplay, but at the same time, was it really much of a crime to have the co-driver sat next to you?

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