1. Have you seen some of the idiots on the road??!! Doggo could drive a heck of a lot better than them 💕🤣

  2. And whoever downvoted me for my comment which was obvious to anyone that it was meant to be funny… based on the OPs funny post — you’re an idiot who can’t take a joke! Lmao 🤣

  3. Omg what an absolutely gorgeous girl!!!! Please I beg you to find her a safe loving responsible home. Not everyone on social media has the best intentions and she deserves so much love and a great home ❤️ she looks like a beautiful Sophie

  4. she is now under the care of a great local rescue and going to a foster home!

  5. How awesome! Thrilled to hear she is being well taken care of - she’s one of the lucky ones! God bless you and god bless her

  6. You have to wonder what the hell are some of these parents thinking???!!!

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks like he has a pretty wonderful life ❤️👏👏👏👏

  8. She was a beautiful girl. God bless her and god bless you for giving her a great life ❤️

  9. Tess is GORGEOUS!!! God bless you and may her former ‘family’ rot in hell.

  10. Ok I think this made my day… just what I needed! 💕🤣

  11. The bottom line is that she still saved these animals from horrific brutal deaths!!! At the hands of dog killers. This is a tragedy and you all should treat it as such. So many of these precious animals died. Pray for their souls

  12. He didn’t climb the other steps, so someone put him there… and the cameraman appeared

  13. I’ve seen this little dog in other videos. I pray he’s loved and safe

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