1. Loving all that red “grass?” Makes the greens really stand outs

  2. Just getting ready for the Kaiju eventuality.

  3. I was fighting this one last night, I had just beaten the dragon in this area on the 3rd try… I tried using my shield first with carian retaliation, but the wolf is too fast for that and that crazy jump magic bolt attack! I tried using Torrent but realized quickly that with one takedown the wolf kills me, because I can’t do anything when knocked off Torrent… I finally ended beating him on foot, by rolling precisely and using lightning attacks. /sigh at 4k runes but the feeling of killing this thing after like 15 tries is priceless !

  4. A schemer may be using your account to transfer unauthorized funds - call your bank and explain that you did not authorize the transactions, transfer the money back to your account that doesn’t belong to you, and ask the bank to refund all associated fees. You will likely need to close this account and open a new account because your account information has been compromised.

  5. Yup, the Zelle scams especially are getting out of control.

  6. Now you have to tell me about the biggest insect you’ve ever seen in your life - it’s the tax around here…

  7. Well can't argue with that. The biggest nope I've ever seen was bigass cockroach the size of me palm, and the facker flew straight at me when I was a kid, that's why till today, if I see a roach I'll throw hand sanitizer at it and light it up with a lighter. Don't care if the house burns in the process.

  8. Hahahaha thank you - I too feel strongly about the decimation of roaches - but I’ve never seen one that big!

  9. Have you had someone else sign in to your Xbox? Something wrong with your Xbox ID that’s tied to your eldenring character?

  10. I have other profiles on the Xbox but nobody signed in before I played again

  11. I remembered having that issue when my Xbox signed me out and switched me to Guest… do you keep your saved game stored on cloud or hard drive? Maybe you lost connection to the cloud save?

  12. You must learn king and rook checkmate before you play anymore games :)

  13. Your mama so old, she owes Jesus money. Classic.

  14. Little did they know that the teleporting boat was malfunctioning…

  15. That’s how I sleeve IRL, it’s a lot easier to know the top card that way :)

  16. I was in the same boat last year and all my friends told me to play God of War (the most recent one) and I was able to get it free because it’s part of the collection when you get PlayStation plus. My ps5 came with a year of PlayStation plus. This game is soooooo cool!

  17. Get a pet bear and see if he eats it…

  18. Are the decks included in this pre-chosen half decks or would there be different decks in each kit? Or do we just not know yet?

  19. Apparently each deck is different, you should never see the same deck.

  20. So like... Do you put a piece of paper in the mailbox? I think I remember my grandmother doing that once.

  21. It was either a thank you card or a holiday card that I sent to them - your grandma sounds like a swell person! Just remember when video games were invented - you’re never too old to enjoy a fun game and to appreciate the hard work that someone put into it.

  22. What was your original message to them?

  23. If I remember right the message was basically thanking them for making the game and telling them how much I enjoyed it - I think I also mentioned that my favorite part was all the back and forth between Atreus and Kratos.

  24. Once in a while I need the nostalgia and I’ll play a few missions - I hope that these games never die !

  25. Do these people know trapping? Would be smart to have small traps in the gaps of the walls to catch small curious prey.

  26. 2600sq ft house/2 story - we keep at 76-78 - bill was $161. Blackout blinds really help in the summer months.

  27. The game Puerto Rico comes to mind - you compete by buying up shops on the island, putting the locals to work and sell goods via trade ships.

  28. It was renamed to blue moon - literally because you can only get a beer this good “once in a blue moon!”

  29. The bar I work at sells it as well and I cannot tell you how many times a shift we say this to each other ironically.

  30. I worked with a bartender once and I’ll never forget what happened with two customers who visited and asked “can you please give me a beer like a Budweiser?” Bartender returned with two glasses of water and said “it’s on the house.”

  31. I would not go in there with shorts on…

  32. I have direct deposit with this bank and have had for two years. Wont they just wait till the next paycheck to recoup there payment?

  33. If it’s every two weeks, that’s probably what will happen, however they will charge you so many fees between now and then… when you take your money out - you should just ask to close the account. Then open an account somewhere else and transfer your direct deposit. Tell the payday loan place that you’re struggling and can’t make payments.

  34. Yup - hope it works out - keep your head up.

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