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  1. Eugene and TwoSet is a crossover I would LOVE to see!

  2. Dr House lol, he has piercing eyes, what a gorgeous boy!!

  3. Kiba, akamaru or Shigure. Kiba means “fang” and is a Naruto character who relies on his dog Akamaru. Shigure is a Fruits Basket character who turns in to a dog when hugged/weakened.

  4. I used to play the flute and I am seriously upset that I can’t find a bent mouthpiece so I can play now I have very painful shoulders :(

  5. From a married man’s standpoint, are you not allowed to compliment a woman? Especially ones that are seeking comments by the things they post? Genuine curiosity here. NTA

  6. In public? Yes. It’s absolutely fine to say they have a nice outfit or whatever if your partner is comfortable with that. In private messages or via text or a private phone call? Not so much, it looks like flirting or some kind of private suggestion. Of course you should speak to your partner about what they are comfortable with. But for me, I want to compliment people sometimes regardless of their gender, and my husband is free to do so as well.

  7. Also, it’s ABSOLUTELY okay to not enjoy parenting. You still love your kids, you are still a good person and a good parent. It isn’t all puppies and rainbows!

  8. This honestly sounds more like a relationship issue: if my husband goes away, when he gets back I get rest time and quality time alone. That’s the deal. You cannot be expected to parent two toddlers alone 24/7 and stay mentally and physically healthy! It’s just not fair. Everyone needs a break. Everyone needs time to breathe!

  9. Looks fine to me. Didn’t your piercer put a dot there and show you in a mirror before you agreed? You should always be shown roughly where jewellery is being put before you get pierced.

  10. hi yes she did, and i agreed to placement. But I didnt think that the back end would be completely on the other side then where the needle entered. Its almost as if it was pierced at an angle.

  11. If you imagine about half your ear you see at the front is attached to your head, it’s looks okay to me? I’m not a piercer, just a fairly pierced person, and it’s looks fairly straight?

  12. The depth of sound a cello can make is frankly, goose bump inducing. I love most instruments, but cello has certain tones and sounds that just hit me differently. Sorry everyone else!!

  13. Dinghy, Sailor, Wharfie, Docker, Ribby (RIB: Rigid Inflatable Boat), Squall, Boom, Yachty, Jib, Keel, Rudder, Topper, Schooner, Finley, Frigate, Tug, Salty, Flotsam, Jetsam, Port, Starboard, Rigger, Marine, Hoist, Charter, Fender (the buoys hung around the front of a boat), Tacker (either after Tacking: sailing zig-zag in to the wind, or perhaps after Hard Tack, the biscuits that were Essential rations),

  14. I think LITHA and sterile saline, and then chat to your piercer when they get back.

  15. If she doesn’t want to eat meat, try some different proteins. Be honest with her about how food is made. Don’t force her to eat meat if she doesn’t want to.

  16. I can never get those balls back into place 😭

  17. The trick is to use a pair of round nose pliers, you need a small pair of rounded ones and you gently release them to open the ring and then pop the ball in (use any dents to guide it) and then slowly close the pliers while being careful not to squeeze any of your flesh!

  18. Me with my cartilage peircing rn boyfriend popped it out on accident and gone forever but can not bend the metal to put a new one it 💀

  19. My piercer is happy to bend the rings and pop a new bead in for a very reasonable fee!

  20. Weird, we always recommend chamomile as an aid for inflammation. Lots of piercing aftercare products also have it as one of their main ingredients.

  21. Chamomile is a topical anti-inflammatory. However, it’s really important to only use sterile saline for the first 6 weeks (and beyond if it gets bumped or has any blood around it) because camomile is not sterile. Saline wound wash is sterile. Introducing chamomile too early can cause infection and make things worse!

  22. My kids are allowed to swear at home, but not AT anyone else. So if they stub a toe and say a swear word that’s fine. If they call someone a fricking batch, then they will be in trouble. Not because they swore, but because they were very unkind to someone else.

  23. My daughter has a musical name, and so a lot of clothes she had as a baby had a treble clef on… she genuinely thought the symbol was her name for some years!

  24. Thank you to whoever wrote this! It’s not strictly accurate. But it works for anyone in the blink community who doesn’t understand the issue.

  25. It is considered ableist due to the fact it was used for people who are mute. But it’s common usage. “Stupid” is also ableist as it implies someone has more value with a higher IQ and people with intellectual disabilities/learning disabilities are “lesser”.

  26. When a burger walks in with an itty bitty waist…

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