AITA for leaving my babies inside by themselves

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  1. That section has been entirely redone, it's a space walk now. They showed it off in a trailer a few weeks ago.

  2. Thank god. That mini game was a huge pain the the butt. Annoyingly difficult that almost roadblocked me from finishing the game.

  3. At $800, you'll be targeting 1080p for resolution. You can get a banging PC at that price point.

  4. How many do you need to eat to overdose?

  5. I was looking for this info too but didn't see anything. Some googling provided:

  6. Just farmed 13k points doing this. Solid mini game that's pretty quick and non-competitive. Drag the correct dance icon onto the + symbols in the middle. Then AFK while time runs out and then they "perform".

  7. Huh. Never knew CookSux dated Kiaraakitty. That must have been a crazy relationship.

  8. Nice to see sales on 4TB sata drives. However I still think 2TB is the sweet spot for price/space. Those go on sale for $80-90. A sub $200 would have this be much more appealing imho.

  9. Would the 620 be good for the 7700x? Thinking about getting the deal from microcenter that comes with the 7700x and ram but wasn't sure if this would cool it properly.

  10. I have a deepcool AK620 on my new 7600X. Seems great and zero issues that I’ve seen. As far as I can tell it’s a great cooler so far.

  11. This bar has their own Twitch channel for any sandwich lovers out there:

  12. What’s the flex arm in the middle above your monitor for? It doesn’t seem to connected to anything.

  13. Exciting! I’m really curious to see what options I’ll have post 2025 that I’ll be able to toss in my new AM5 board for final compatible upgrades.

  14. Been like 5y now since I did a build and every time I look I’m reminded how absolutely insane motherboard prices have gotten… mine is an X370 board w/ wifi that I got for $125. I remember showing a friend a $210 board at the time and both of us being like “wow that’s a lot”.

  15. Do also keep in mind that new motherboards today are adding in more features and require more materials than previously. The cost of those precious materials has also probably increased since 5 years ago. It’s not just a one to one motherboard comparison.

  16. Warning, I'm no expert on storage drives. Just been eyeing adding some storage drives in the last month.

  17. Not familiar with it beyond it being one of the ones that pops up here on sale:

  18. The difference between the high quality deli meat sold at M&S and the regular deli meat sold in other grocery stores is that we changed the label. We would literally stop the production line, wait for the guy who ran the label machine to swap them out and then start it back up again.

  19. I remember back when I was a student a while back, we went on a field trip to a canned food factory. During the tour, the guide told us essentially the same thing. They have multiple clients that have canned food. Swap label as needed and continue with production.

  20. Meh. I’d run JOs with balance often. IMHO it’s always good to bring a healing weapon cause you never know if some jerk queued healer and wasn’t one.

  21. If you're upgrading, I just hope you're able to find good deals. The prices on GPUs are ridiculous.

  22. Best bet is to just buy last gen stuff. Ryzen 5 series CPU, RX6000 series GPU. You can easily build a huge upgrade to 1080p from a 6 year old system that can last a long time as long as you aren't planning on moving up to 1440p/4k.

  23. Hey did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same issue with my 4070ti. No signal was detected in any of the display ports or HDMI, while the Gigabyte logo is lit up but fans aren't spinning.

  24. Agreed. The fiance needs a reality check. Leave him alone with the kids for an entire weekend. See how he likes it being in your shoes for more than 20 minutes and just how hard childcare is. 1 kid is tough enough, I can't imagine triplets.

  25. With poses like that, no wonder Dick Greyson gets all the girls.

  26. This is surprising. I’m really tempted to grab an A0 Ruby now. I skipped her earlier since I had no clue how many stars I’d need on Saki and Lyra. She’ll be a nice upgrade to my Huma that I’ve dragged around since release.

  27. Depends on what you're looking for. The 4070ti is a high end 1440p card. If you want 4k, you'd want a 4080/4090.

  28. Does the tempered glass panel fit with the NH-U12A?

  29. Yeah. This was my question too. I don’t see any way to bend the 12VHPWR cable more to get that panel on. I wonder if they’ll ever have 90+90 bent cable connectors to fix that.

  30. That's rough, but not surprising. If news coming out of China is true, there's a ridiculous spread of Covid going on right now. Possible new variants and ridiculous amounts of people sick, hospitals completely overwhelmed and crematoriums overflowing.

  31. My biggest issue with OW2 is the rewards. I just don’t feel rewarded playing the game. In OW1 I could play casually when I felt like it or during an event. Between free loot boxes by just playing and saved up coins I had a reasonable expectation of getting new skins I wanted. If I missed one I could get it next year.

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