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  1. Jimkata is definitely a must see live, the wife and I pretty much go to every show we can when they're around NY. Annie in the water we don't get to see as much but still a great live band

  2. I agree, Jimkata is certainly a must see live. The band i posted on this thread about, played a show with Jimkata on Dec. 3rd 2021 @ Arch Street Tavern. It was a great show. i’ll post a link..

  3. Someone talk me out of over 251.5 total home runs at -118 on Fanduel. Thus seems like a sure thing with this hitting the last two HRDs. Conditions at Dodger Stadium seem ripe for home runs with 80+ degrees and 9mph out to center tonight.

  4. huh. i don’t have total homeruns betting options on fanduel. does anyone know why that would be?

  5. One Time Weekend @ Peach Music Festival 2022 | Saturday night 10:30pm on the Grove Stage

  6. Hey! Unfortunately, I have already picked the top 3 guesses. But hopefully, you can enjoy the 5,000 sats! Would you be able to provide me a lightning invoice for 5,000sats?

  7. yes! absolutely! this is really cool, you rock. thanks for keeping this community fun/exciting during these slower, downturned times. it is an invaluable addition to the space.

  8. Eat some ice cream, take a shit.. buy.drs.hodl

  9. One Time Weekend rules and has for a while 🀟🏼

  10. Same. We never regretted hiking over to the Grove stage. Yam Yam, Funk You, One Time Weekend, Tand Band, Chalk Dinosaur all killed it.

  11. agreed. that stage was a fantastic place to hear awesome music for the first time. The singer of Melt absolutely blew me away.

  12. One Time Weekend killed it on the Grove Stage during Trey Band.

  13. You can use GS wallet or goto and put your wallet.

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