1. No you are not too old to start you are at a perfect age. Based on some but not all statistics a male athlete peaks at age 23 but that is just physicals and for top tier. I started a few years younger than you and I am still improving coming up on a decade.

  2. Are you sure you don't want to go alone? It is really enjoyable alone you can meet new people and you can do whatever you want all the time.

  3. Hayami killing throw could prolly only kill Misasa,but i don't see Misasa having problems to kill Hayami so he may be able to knock him out or kill him if necessary,Ryuki is smaller than Yumi but he can definitely kill him, and Kanoh prolly wins against Ohma even with his Advance bursts

  4. I am interested why you think Kanoh would beat Ohma? Has Ohma's progression since the time skip been not enough? Is it because Kanoh had a closer match against Kuroki? Is it because Kanoh has smaller time frames between formless and martial arts?

  5. I guess now I have to do 1k backwards?? x_x

  6. Try hands in your pockets first. Wait parachute pants don't have pockets.

  7. Now that I think about it, the only way they could break is if you left your batteries in for YEARS and haven't touched them. Then MAYBE the battery corrosion would effect the battery arm bar which would essentially break the chip/power receiver. But this is still unlikely to happen in just 3y

  8. Thank you for the quick reply. That is what I am worried has happened. They seem rusted somewhat. They were kept dry but unfortunately the batteries have been left in for over 3 years.

  9. Honestly it's probably fine. I would buy a new pair of batts and try em out

  10. Thanks I am glad that I bought batteries instead of another pair. Do the leds wear out?

  11. I often go alone not planning to go with any group and I often find either friends from previous shambs or new friends. You will be fine.

  12. Is it possible to trade weapons for the runes? Or I can take 2 stakes and mule one to your other character and keep one for mine?

  13. You take 2 stacks then keep one stack for you and drop the other for me

  14. I have ran into this. For me they make my videos darker. Try sharing it on Instagram and then deleting it or send it to a friend.

  15. Hades is also A tier in my opinion and Sasaki after fight vs Poseidon is also tier A :3

  16. Talking about cosmic armor tony. That thing can probably solo dbs

  17. It may be able to beat some characters but we do not know the powers of the angels and Zeno can delete anything.

  18. In reference to the celestial armor? When Zamausu went all crazy shit and started to envelope an entire time line that was the first time we ever saw Zeno delete. So if the celestial armour can/can't take over a whole timeline, it is null and void.

  19. I just got spoiled in a fucking meme. You can't just say x or y won wherever.

  20. It decent compared to the other swing to cats in the gym. However, I agree it definitely makes the other ones easier.

  21. This is why I somewhat agree with others about Elden Ring bosses being too difficult due to nigh infinite stamina/attacks. This forcing the player to choose between summons as in too easy or alone as in too difficult.

  22. It has definitely taken it's debt back on multiple occasions.

  23. Was thinking of going hard on 3 Allure of Darkness to just dig for Relinquished Fusion. I play an Invoked Relinquished deck, so Invocation can also Summon Millennium-Eyes Restrict in a pinch.

  24. 3 allure is wonderful. Makes any dark deck feel so fast.

  25. This was savagely good. Massive dive roll plus reverse to step.

  26. 0393 - people might down vote me but it’s better then the early pre 2020 hinders I have had.

  27. I agree with you. I have always found zt's more aesthetically pleasing.

  28. I think you have it for the floor. The best part is where you jumped off you also landed. I don't think you will freeze if you try it on the floor. Also as a progression you could try it from a bench onto grass etc.

  29. for bench to grass dont you have to throw yourself more backwards?

  30. Yes but it will give you more time to land the flip. Honestly this is all based on the information I learned but never implemented. I practice more Parkour than free running so I don't focus on flips. Regardless trying to help anyway I can. Also you could have a friend spot you to help with the rotation.

  31. Ohara never has an original theory and will just translate numeron. Tekking on the other hand can talk about anything and make it interesting.

  32. Nice another person achieved it. Let's hope the number increases!

  33. Same this was around a year ago after a long winter session of weighted pull ups. Maybe I should try it again tomorrow.

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