1. Ah, sorry about that. The sun was a bit harsh and I suppose I got into an image editing trap trying to adjust for the brightness. Thank you for the input.

  2. That's called 'autofellatio'. When done in the back seat of a Buick, it's Auto autofellatio. If it's done in the back of a BMW it's Otto's auto autofellatio. When Otto feels like he's meant to do it, it's a case of Otto ought to auto autofellatio. And if it's a song by Styx that motivates that feeling, then, deep breath

  3. I watched the whole thing because I ain't no quitter. Anyway, I'm exhausted today and full of regret.

  4. Mmm. I love Seattle so much. Weed everywhere for like $1, espresso stands and oyster stands, and football comes on at 9am.

  5. Reddit's spam filter doesn't allow shortened links and removed your comment. I've approved it manually, but you should use the full link in the future.

  6. That settles it, I’m getting a Japanese maple this year. I love them so much, but can’t really figure out where I could put one in my yard. I like your idea better.

  7. I just got a kit with 5 different seeds, one of a maple, im excited to try growing one.

  8. No shit.. and I never said “she shouldent be able to date men her own age” or whatever else ur going on about. Look at the comments some dude said she was a baddie and I said she ain’t no baddie she looks like a child.. then y’all weirdos started on

  9. BBQ sauce is considered to be low-acid food if it's going to be put into an airtight container.

  10. The base of the sauce is made from Ketchup, which has vinegar. I also add brown sugar. I still don't understand if that would qualify. haha

  11. I stumbled upon this but I didn’t know they had two views.

  12. The main one I posted was just set up yesterday evening. The other one was set up a few days ago.

  13. It also fills in the gap in the middle of each eye where your optic nerve is, because of course it does.

  14. Will keep this unofficial comment updated

  15. Added, thanks for testing! :-)

  16. Maybe I won't have to step around human shit when I park and walk to work in Salem...

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