1. Both, but people said the steam version is meh

  2. The reason daigo can’t leave Johnny is it because of his contract or something else? And if it’s when will his contract end does anyone knows

  3. My favourite among all of em is Gaia, you should make or design Gaia supreme cause I’m interested how you will design emmm… but love your and your friend design thanks

  4. Have you watch it and is it good I mean by the quality and subtitle and is there any special episode for the TDG one, man I’m jealous you got all tdg

  5. I love gaia and i’d rather see a return of Agul and Gaia instead of a remake that won’t surpass the original anyway.

  6. So you mean make it unique just two of them as the will of the earth ultra

  7. To be honest with you, my interest with New Gen Gaia lies in how they'd design him and his forms (V1 and Supreme, cause I also wanna see how they'd approach those) as well as SKC Gaia, would love to add to the collection

  8. Me to and I was curious how they will design Gaia and Agul and other XIG equipment and monster

  9. Can we not talk about religion here? Eiji Tsubaraya may have been Catholic and there’s a decent amount of Christian imagery in showa Ultraman, but outside of that I personally don’t think talk of any religion belongs here

  10. It’s one of my loved ultraman series I even bought mill creek DVD just because I love the series so much and now I’m kinda sad cause it may or may not be there’s now new gen Gaia…

  11. it's machine translated so there are many wrong translation

  12. He supposedly gets powerups from all new generation ultras, so this show will be huge new generation celebration.

  13. Hey japanther just curious what’s your thought that there’s now new gen Gaia and Agul

  14. There’s a YouTube channel called “AVANAF” on YouTube it has most episode from Showa to Heisei and some movies but no new gen

  15. Awhhh man I can’t download it yet cause I’m on IPhone if not I will download it now and test it hehehehe fooddddd

  16. Brooo I’m not being rude or anything but I can’t stop laughing…😂

  17. Can you tell what’s the ending cause I can’t read it till the end

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