1. Arshdeep going the Harshal Patel way. Our t20 pace bowling currently looks like hot thrash.

  2. Intent is the very thing that changed over the past couple of years.

  3. still doesn’t have a single t20i innings with any recall value with all your talk of intent.

  4. well the team management got this one right, when a majority on reddit and ex cricketers were clamouring for Ishan Kishen after his double.

  5. Let's wait and see how Kishan at 4 takes off, I'm just glad they replaced a misfiring Dhawan doesn't matter if it's with Gill/Kishan. We keep making the same mistakes with ageing legends.

  6. it wasn’t about finding an ideal spot for Kishen, rather about choosing the ideal opener among Gill/Kishen/Dhawan.

  7. its too late for Bishnoi, and looks like its SKY as back up for KL Rahul.

  8. chahal, really brohit, should have given shabaz a chance

  9. Shabaz isn’t even in consideration for a WC slot, so why waste a spot.

  10. Lol we are screwed big time if Chahal is in the reckoning

  11. better than having Shabaz in the reckoning which would obviously mean that both Jadeja and Axar ain’t.

  12. time for experiments in ODI’s is over, its time to fix a group of 15-16 guys and play them consistently as this is the WC year. Guys like Shabaz and Patidar are not going to make the WC squad.

  13. Isn’t gill better as an opener? Let kl play in the middle order.. he’s much better at no5.

  14. on what basis are you making that claim of KL being a better middle order batsman in tests. Don’t mix formats.

  15. maybe rather than just check stats, maybe take some effort to watch him bat.

  16. Maybe Rahul can open again. And sky at no 5

  17. should have used a “ /s “ before that comment for it to make any sense.

  18. DK has one memorable game in his career. Vijay has multiple test tours

  19. that’s more to do with you having a poor memory.

  20. Isn't he already not in the starting 11? I don't watch a lot of India game but I would assume their best squad is something like this:

  21. we need a wrist spinner in there, the world cup is in India and we need wicket takers and not defensive bowling in the middle overs

  22. well this is 2023, and with two new balls in place very few teams are taking that route.

  23. Same. If anybody saw RCB's opening match vs MI in 2013, he would know Gayle's quality:)

  24. Jacob Oram, Munaf Patel and Pollard bowled 9 overs in that match, doesn’t compare to the bowlers SKY faced @Perth against SA.

  25. Miller and Markram did have a good time on that pitch just like DK had a good time in the aforementioned match - 60(37).

  26. International good quality allrounders aren’t born. They are made by giving them enough opportunities to shine through. Was Jadeja always a good all-rounder? He took a lot of time to become one and infact was dropped for Axar in 2017-18. Only once Axar got injured he made a come back and became the allrounder we know he is now.

  27. Axar definitely deserves more opportunities, but the question is if he does ahead of Jadeja.

  28. In T20s he absolutely gets in ahead of Jadeja. I was worried about his batting earlier but he's gotten so much better, and his bowling has always been more effective

  29. he won’t, if Jadeja is in the squad Axar warms the bench.

  30. So in that scenario will have to take Gill & Pant Out and replace them with Kishan/Rahul and Jadeja

  31. possible, even SKY is no certainty in Odi’s with his stats.

  32. Jadeja is definitely batting in the top 7 along with Hardik, thats your 6 bowling options.

  33. play Dhawan, he's really good, they can consider Gill after the WC next year

  34. dhawan is woefully out of form, way past his prime and will be nearing 38 by the time the WC starts, leaving us with a top 3 aged 36,38 and 35 batting quite conservatively. Dhawan has to be let go, high time performances by Gill,Kishen and Samson are based for selection and not just experience.

  35. back experience it's more reliable and Dhawan has only had a few bad games. Conservatively is not a bad thing as every scenario is different. Playing too attacking means you are more inconsistent, you raise the ceiling but lower the floor. In a world cup you need to consistently win so a more conservative batting approach and a good bowling attack is usually what wins tournaments. Flashy players like Ishan, who one day do well but overall dont get going consistently aren't good for tournaments. Especially for ODI, it isnt a lucky draw like T20.

  36. this backing experience too much was the reason we came up short in the last two t20 WCs and was the reason we came a cropper back in that 2007 WC too. It’s more often than not, a mix of youth and experience that works.

  37. can’t be carrying a 37 year old who’s way past his prime to a world cup ahead of guys like Kishen, Samson and Gill.

  38. hey spineless wonder, how on earth could one be so.

  39. https://giphy.com/gifs/3otOKJruVwZH3213Fe

  40. Idk why people are shitting on u but Ashwin actually finished two games for us and if chahal was in his place he wouldn't have done it.

  41. If Chahal was playing, he would have bowled 4 overs more often than Ashwin, got more wickets and maybe we could have dropped Axar for a batsman.

  42. Why is Ashwin here? He was decent, did not have any performance that stands out but definitely better than bkl rahul

  43. Rahul was the reason we won against Bangladesh with his 50 and that run out of Litton Das, else we wouldn’t even have made it to the knockouts.

  44. looks like the last nail in the coffin for Ashwin’s Loi career, whose bright idea was it to bring back this fossil after being discarded for years.

  45. Rohit, Ashwin, Shami, Axar, Bhuvi should all be booted out from our t20 squad for good. Its a little harsh on Bhuvi, but can’t have two military medium paces in the side.

  46. just that the middle order you just mentioned never fired when playing together in a t20WC.

  47. when Axar got in as Jadeja was injured, we always knew its a downgrade as a package but at least we thought we have a better bowler, how wrong could we have been as Axar has proved himself to be just thrash, whether its with the bat or ball, once he leaves Indian shores.

  48. Nah, let Ashwin get exposed more, hopefully they won't pick him for the semis.

  49. Axar is even worse with 0 contribution either with bat or ball.

  50. regardless thats just how price inflation is. Its also the fact that we cannot replace him with any other indian batter.

  51. thats like paying a Rahane a bounty simply because he’s a capped Indian player. You also need to have some standing and back it with performance too.

  52. but has had way more success than Mayank in the IPL and on the international level, and a brilliant captain.

  53. Kl Rahul finally scored something as usual against weaker teams. But Liton Das showed how to bat in power play. Is his bat even made of wood ? What timing. Reminding me of certain Debabrata Das from KKR.

  54. India doesn’t have to depend on any other team for qualification.

  55. I did not it will rain out. I said India may lose due to DLS.

  56. When you say a match is in question, what do you think it means.

  57. In Ashwin , Axar and Hardik , India have 8 overs of big problem awaiting in the knockouts . That is assuming the three seamers don't go for runs . They can have an off day too .

  58. and adding DK to them, a non existent middle to lower order too.

  59. I guess everybody except Axar and Brohit has performed well

  60. it should be DK instead of Rohit, 3 single digit scores with the bat and pretty average behind the stumps, if i am correct that’s the 2nd time he missed the stumps from behind throwing.

  61. I am up for a discussion but not interested in talking to the like you. Piss off and find someone else to argue with.

  62. i definitely am interested in talking some sense into idiots like you who blabber nonsense.

  63. People tend to do that when they have no life

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