1. I have researched this quite a bit online and decided it wasn't worth it because it's so difficult to get rid of sound coming from above; the best thing to do seemed to be to build a room within a room that doesn't touch any of the other walls or ceiling.

  2. I will do my best to give an update if you're interested. I will think our plans through a bit more, but the only available spaces on the top floor are bedrooms and not sure it'd work out to trade out and move a sleep area downstairs because then we may be back around to the issue of not being able to sleep in the same noisier environment 🤦😂 Thank you for your feedback. We're also hoping to get to a point where we could move somewhere out in a less populated area and have the opportunity to adjust our home layout that would work more appropriately for our needs and stick to a single floor plan or something.

  3. Rockwool is well regarded in the audio scene as a good sound damping material. As are thick, dense foam acoustic panels. Generally heavier and thicker damping is better for low frequency noise, and less weight, thickness, and density is needed to dampen high frequencies.

  4. You should be able to install false walls reasonably cheaply if you are handy.

  5. This is where I go against the autism stereotype. I’m the total opposite of a picky eater. I eat anything. In fact my mom recently told me how I was the only baby that ate anything I was given and was least picky baby. I’m also a very adventurous eater and love to try new things

  6. I'm the same. I love food! I chalked this up to me being a "sensory seeker" in this area. My thought was, if a huge thing for all of us is sensory differences and that we often are hyper or hypo sensitive in many ways, wouldn't it make sense for some of us to actively seek that sensory input while others avoid it? 🤷 Just my thought.

  7. I started trying this game a week or so ago but seem to have a hard time because it follows real time so I couldn't just jump on the plane and travel other islands when I was ready because I had to "wait until tomorrow" and with the same old chat bubbles popping up a million times and doing the same few things over and over bored me very quickly. I'm sick of catching fish and bugs and talking to the same characters that say the same things over and over. Didn't seem to hold my interest. Maybe it gets more in depth and changes up a little after a while and I just lost interest before it got that far 🤷

  8. Every moment of every day. Songs, movie quotes, something a friend said in a funny way, etc. I also have the “hear a word or tune that leads to me having to verbally repeat the movie quote or song that pops up in my head” syndrome. Someone shorten that because damn…

  9. I agree. Sounds amazing! I could use a break from the constant auditory stimuli. Many people think sound cancelling headphones should be able to do enough for me, but they don't. I can still hear so much around me.

  10. What I learned so far for myself is - there's no pattern. Everytime I think I've cracked the code, my methods stop working and I start from scratch. But it's the only things I've got. Honestly I'm so desperate I've started to check the moon phase because I don't know what else to do. I'm so sick of "did i move enough? Did I socialise lately? Did I socialise too much? Am I thirsty? Too cold? Too hot? Too tired? Too much sleep? Did I have enough vegetables? Protein? Vitamins? Too much sugar? Is it my period? Ovulation? Did someone piss me off? Did I work too much? Too little? Maybe I should write more. Maybe I need to do a workout? What do you need brain???"

  11. OMG, yes! I totally feel the same and am just overall, exhausted. I'm so done playing this "game." 😮‍💨

  12. I do online word puzzles, mah jong, gaming. Although, it's still not totally calming. My mind is still going like crazy, but at least it allows me to fixate on two or three things instead of ten. Have you tried zen doodles? I like the structure of those.

  13. That sounds like me. My mind just never seems to stop. I haven't tried Zen doodles. I will definitely look into that.

  14. I grabbed some supplies to try it out. I only bought one bundle of the bulky/chunky, soft yarn because I didn't want to buy a bunch right away in case I didn't like it. I seemed to like it okay so far, but that one thing of yarn didn't last very long and now I'm out. I couldn't quite finish the second row with the one. I thought one would go further than that. How many bundles usually go into a full blanket?

  15. Gotta go electric. I pay approximately 3 cents per mile and LOVE not having to stop for gas. Wake up in the morning to a full battery each day. I am aware this isn't a solution for everyone, especially when that means buying a new car.

  16. How did you afford a fully electric vehicle on BCBA income? I’m assuming a Tesla, maybe cheaper electrics exist now. Just wondering lol.

  17. Yes a Tesla, and it was something my SO and I saved up for together. I drive over 120 miles a day, not counting the days I additionally drive on the side for Uber. Also have done several cross country trips with her. We got ours before the prices jumped from higher demands, which helped as well. We had a Model 3 for a year and a half until someone hit us and the insurance totalled it. After that the Model Y was available and decided on replacing the Model 3 with the Y which we have had for about 2 years now. It helped a lot that Teslas also hold value a TON more than an ICE vehicle. Honestly though, we've been interested and fascinated in Tesla and SpaceX from the beginning. It was already planned, back when Tesla was only making the Roadster and S that if they made it as a company, we would own one when they started making "cheaper" models. At least they aren't all $70k+ cars anymore and they're trying to make cheaper and cheaper models. Their next car release was aimed to be a $25K option. 🤷🤞

  18. Sad some people feel the need to drug animals to get a cute video. What are the odds the puppy and chick are pass out tired at the same time to the point where they can't keep their eyes open and falling over sitting up? That isn't natural movement for a puppy or chick. Disgusting.

  19. Am actually amab, but thank you for the consern 😅

  20. Although it is less known and can often be much less noticable, men also have hormone "cycles" that can affect mood. I would think being a trans female may allow these shifts to be more noticeable? 🤷

  21. I saw an article that this intense empathy that some of use experience may be related to mirror-touch synesthesia. If I find the article again I will link. Found it in one of my many research spirals lol.

  22. This is very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  23. I'd like to learn some sign language for this kind of situation but I wouldn't know where to start and it's a little overwhelming, do you have any tips?

  24. I love lifeprint to an extent. The content is on point and works great if you Google the sign you are looking for and scan for the results from their site, but I do wish their webpage was less overwhelming and user friendly.

  25. Mine happen when I am in crowded places, when there is too much noise, when it's too hot, when it's too sunny/other bright lights, either one of these or a combo.

  26. Your reactions and burnout sounds very similar to mine. I have just been recently diagnosed last year and currently struggling, trying to figure out my triggers and how to handle all of this. I have found, I really don't know much of anything about "me."

  27. OMG, this is definitely me as well!!!! So scary and frustrating. Currently I am just trying to find a way out of this burnout and to learn how to balance my life out more appropriately, which... I mean, how could I possibly accomplish THAT in this state. I can't seem to follow basic steps to accomplish fairly basic needs without a step by step guide, how am I supposed to muster the complex thought process and evaluation needed to figure this out?

  28. YES!!! I am also currently making my way through a pretty bad burnout phase that was worsened and I think even triggered by a trauma and this has drastically effected my eating! I will get to the point where I feel so hungry I will feel sick, but still not able to stomach anything. Boost protein shakes and other liquid things helped me sometimes. I have started getting to where I can eat some, but only a few specific things. I'm not normally a "picky eater." I love food and strong tastes, the only thing that usually would get to me is texture which has hightened a lot during this burnout obstacle.

  29. I have a pair and I love them. You can still hear if someone is talking to you, but does really well at blocking out a ton of "background noise."

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