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  1. I always forget that our boi wolverine is actually from the 1800's and fled to the US and fought in the Civil War after accidentally murdering someone as a teen or something like that

  2. Silence is over an area and it lasts much longer, you basically just forced him to try to not make noise for the next 6 seconds

  3. This is true for the Scottish and Scotland, but the blame for Ireland can be generally placed on the English for most of It's history, anything super recent could probably be placed on the Irish again but only the recent stuff

  4. Personally if I were to play a campaign of any respectable length in a system that was at least ~40% different from 5e, I would 100% want my own copy of the rulebook, I like knowing or at least being familiar with the rules of a game I'm playing and I like to be able to grab it and check up on them whenever I want without needing to share the book when somebody else has a question. All of that means I would need my own book

  5. Command word “circumcise” could have similar effects

  6. Why are you spoiling good jokes you can use in your comic? You're wasting A+ writing on like the 4th reply to the 5th comment!

  7. Either bots get a flair automatically or whoever runs this bot took the time to give it this awesome flair

  8. There are multiple 40k ones, a lore one and a rule one at least.

  9. They have an SCP one that just puts a link to the SCP page, you could do the same but for any of the various sites that just have the spell description for free

  10. I agree, both are being pedantic dumb, and honestly i hate intelligence as a stat, not because of intelligence itself, but because people that learned how to talk bia hearing people and how to do 90% of the basic of life via triying, making mistakes and learning, treat low int pcs as basically brain damaged (and treating it as a joke), while low wisdom pcs are just... ok.

  11. I think people like to joke like their low Int characters are kinda brain damaged but they probably roleplay them as if they're idiots. Which, to be fair, is literally correct. If your character has an intelligence of 8 or 9, they are stupid. In fact, they're stupid by medieval standards which means according to us modern peoples they're really really stupid. Not only should they be incapable of reading, they probably wouldn't understand a lot of longer words, or even some shorter words if they've never heard them before. They would be entirely incapable of having a pedantic argument like this because they don't have access to a dictionary or any other way to somehow grow their vocabulary or understand a larger vocabulary like we have now

  12. Don't forget the part that he was also shot to death

  13. Wasn't he just heavily injured and needed to recover but since they found his coffin they were able to stake him?

  14. thats my interpretation as well. like your hand is gone if you touch it, and you take 4d10 damage as well. it your chest, head or other vital touches it, you are a goner instantly.

  15. Your hand isn't gone if you touch it, It's gone if it goes into it, think of it like the eraser tool on art programs like Photoshop, but in 3D

  16. For real. I bet lots if not most guys are still reporting their college height well into middle age and beyond. We all shrink slowly but steadily as we age. I've lost nearly 2cm over 20 years.

  17. You probably don't start shrinking until about maybe 25 or 30 since your body is still working hard to keep you at your peak until around then, but you'll definitely start dropping off after that, slowly but surely

  18. In a couple years Europeans are gonna wonder why the average height in America has slowly passed every European country even though there are tons of Asians and Latinos and we're gonna tell them to maybe stop chainsmoking and giving their 5 year olds alcohol

  19. People often hold Warlocks up as an example of a flexible class that can be adapted by the player to suit their needs, but 3.5E straight up clowns on 5E Warlock.

  20. I'm still curious - how do you live without short rests, does noone ever take any damage?

  21. You just have like 2-3 medium to large encounters, hide somewhere to make a fortress camp and long rsst

  22. They're not saying it's less important, they're saying it doesn't technically fit the definition of what counts as a genocide since genocide is specifically about erasing a people/culture/race from existence whereas what happened in the Congo was about brutal exploitation and trying to extract resources and profit, yes they end up with pretty similar results, but they are technically different things

  23. I have already had 4 characters die and we aren't even done yet

  24. I've basically made it through with my original character but that's mostly because my dad is a nice DM who doesn't really like crazy difficult encounters just meant to punish the players so we've been able to scrape by everything by either thinking really hard, very tactical combat, or the like one or two times he accidentally gave us something way stronger than he thought that we didn't use until way after he gave it to us

  25. Isn't that technicality a previous edition thing? In 5e it's not strictly defined and basically up to interpretation but the common consensus is that the power is from nature

  26. Isn't that technicality a previous edition thing? In 5e it's not strictly defined and basically up to interpretation but the common consensus is that the power is from nature

  27. I mean if it’s a home-brew setting it can be hard to justify halflings ghones and dwarves as well as kobalds goblins and the like as all completely separate things

  28. In my opinion, halflings are like smaller humans, gnomes are like smaller elves, and then dwarves are dwarves, maybe you could say they're like smaller goliaths but goliaths are already smaller giant-kin, kobolds are kinda smaller dragonborn who are just humanoid dragon-kin, gobs, hobs, and bugbear are just the small-medium-large of goblinoid, and most of the other races are either from a different plane (triton + arocockra) or half human half something else (a lot).

  29. Technically halflings and humans and elves and gnomes and kobolds and dragonborn and dragons are all entirely different species who're genetically unrelated, that has nothing to do with my point that instead of scrapping things for homebrew lore there are creative and fun ways to keep those options open and this is kinda how I see it

  30. Well aside from standard humans and half-elves they get the most ability score improvements from their race

  31. Not really. Paladin gets most of their good 1st level spells, and their 2nd and third level spells are lackluster. Spirit guardians is a good spell but it isn’t in the top 5 best 3rd level spells overall.

  32. Imagine saying a class's spells are bad because technically in theory the paladin could use them when they're obviously never going to

  33. Honestly my family is great so I wouldn't have this problem even though I see some of them basically never, I'm also one of those people with weirdly good memory though, like the never have to study until college and gets murdered because I have no actual work ethic or study habits

  34. I find comparing swords to pistols is a very apt comparison. They can be worn on the hip, and act as a sign of status and authority. Useful as a backup if your main weapon fails, but if your going into battle you will want something else.

  35. Against a guy in full plate a mace would be far preferable to a regular spear, I know why people like the spear in general, but in specific situations other weapons become more useful

  36. Yes, which is why people groan and role their eyes and say no 80% of the time when others try to add "realistic" homebrew rules

  37. Sweat pants sorcerer, business casual bard, barbarian in a cardigan. I now have a slightly longer list of characters that I want to play.

  38. Considering how many nerdy types wear basketball shorts with hoodies or flannels, that can be your wizard

  39. It also applies to real life. The mentality that there's virtue in doing work without compensation is really harmful because when doctors and nurses strike due to poor compensation and working conditions, people go "omg but people will die if you do that, how dare you" instead of saying "their demands should be quickly resolved so they can continue to work in dignity".

  40. I think the idea that there's virtue in doing things without expecting compensation is fine, the problem is that people misuse that idea and start using it for things like doctors and nurses wanting better treatment from their jobs, and not just people being kind to those around them.

  41. Where did you get that number from? It seems totally false. That would mean that even huge cities like baldurs gate would have a tiny number of magic users, yet they manage to have entire groups of them, including magic shops and services. I would put it more like 5-10%, especially as a lot of races literally have innate magic powers. 100% of high elves are arcane casters for example.

  42. While several races are innate magic users don't humans technically make up a majority of the population and the rest of common races make up most of the rest with the uncommon races making up like 1% of the population

  43. Wolves and other low intelligence predators would still target the smaller and weaker looking members of a party because most unintelligent creatures have instinctual hunting patterns to take out the most visibly vulnerable party members such as small races or the elderly. Cosplaying as a visibly larger/tougher creature with disguise self would be a great strategy to protect against wolf attacks.

  44. Wolves aren't stupid enough to try and run past something they would consider a potential threat though, so they won't charge past your front line to get to the wizard, they'd try to run around the sides and flank the party

  45. I dump CHA more often with my characters

  46. I do to, It's weird to me how everyone loves to dump Int for everything but Wizards and Artificers, and then people went and made and Artificer build with no Int, it's like the D&D community is allergic to intelligence or something

  47. I wish they were small enough to vibrate them.

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