I love watching Trump’s plan backfire.

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  1. Normalize wearing pink. Pinks a rad fuckin color.

  2. She's actually like, really good with that flute though.

  3. Looks like MTG just found another member of the deep state

  4. And the cloud farted health at my family and we were happy forever

  5. I absolutely love the series, I've read every chapter and I watched the original anime, it's storytelling and character work pretty much partially inspired my desire to become a writer.

  6. She literally looks like specifically a 25 year old

  7. The little knee dip Brodie did made it look like he just shot you with his whole leg. It ruled

  8. Gangrel is a clean as fuck wrestler, he’s seriously so fucking good.

  9. Denied a push mainly from not being a great talker, but he was so smooth in the ring

  10. Trump is really good at two things, fleecing idiots, and delaying any and all litigation

  11. He's pretty much trying to run out the clock with the other republicans until they're all in power and can pretty much stop all this from happening, at least in their heads.

  12. The Kenny Omega Vaccination Special. 3 hours of shots.

  13. Why am I just imagining Taylor Swift going to a concert the first 3 seconds of shake It off plays, and then she opens her mouth and like several thousand tons of jet exhaust escapes into the crowd killing them instantly

  14. Laugh at me if you want but I feel want more things to do single player. I tilt too quickly for online play. You beat my ass in a game or Tekken and I suddenly feel like you punted my cat.

  15. Naw I agree with you on that. Especially when I have to wait forever to find a match it stresses me to the max trying not to lose. Me and my homeboys play in person but it’d be nice to have another option and really get to see more character story unfold or something when by myself.

  16. Like the character stories in Tekken 7 were nice but there was like six of them and I felt like a lot of the characters in the game I'd really like to know more about what they're doing now and the situations they're in. Especially Miss arcade mode endings.

  17. Tells you exactly what kinda fella dis guy is.

  18. It doesn't bother me much but I'm like 95 percent certain that I'm going to keep saying Yakuza anyway.

  19. I just really want him to go on one last run and stay clean, or retire and just know he's taking care of himself. I don't want him drunk or high and falling off of shit in Front of 50 people in Tennessee

  20. Ishin was originally the game between 5 and 0 and it looks exactly like those two, even if they are using a new engine.

  21. You are absolutely technically correct you do not need to lay your hands on someone for it to be an assaul. technically if you do hit someone that is a battery charge and an assault is either a direct or implied threat that puts the victim in a situation where they feel like they're in danger.

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