1. Caught half this set unexpectedly walking back to camp and it was straight 🔥

  2. Aluminum hold the flights really well In soft tip as well as add weight which can balance the dart out (depending on your grip) but they bend after hitting the floor a few times. No reason to ditch them unless your darts aren’t flying right at which point it could be a problem with the length of stem..

  3. Man I used to drink #9 at every possible opportunity

  4. I go 2 hours at 225 then toss them on the grill to crisp the skin, never failed and always delicious

  5. Chael Sonnen has been defeated many times

  6. A lot of nice sets there and really cool pictures

  7. I hate all these posts. Makes me feel like a had a god damn stroke.

  8. La brasas Mexican grill in be east aurora

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