1. If you are looking for no clean vocals or at least not very good ones I might know a guy. How would one try out? Or whatever

  2. Good to see someone carrying on the Tourette’s guys legacy

  3. Go to British Columbia Canada and sit in the deep forest.

  4. Yes him along with Corey cadby, Luke Littler, the kid that played Taylor in that exhibition and Bradly Brooks. Kids on a good run at the moment but can he keep it up? Time will tell..

  5. Yep that dutch kid as well justin van ter gouw or something and leighton bennett.

  6. YouTube has a show from Catskill chill in like 2014 that I used to watch monthly

  7. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  8. My first time opening in high school without the manager I came in and turned all the equipment on without the hood fans. About a half hour in I thought wow it’s really hot in here today, not 20 seconds later all hell broke loose. Fryers overflowing, grill and flat top covered in foamy crap. It was a Friday and everyone panicked and lost their shit but we managed to get it sorted in a few hours and open for business. Kept my job and learned a valuable lesson I’ll never forget. This was about 18 years ago now and I still tell the story to every new person I train to hammer home the importance of the hood fans.

  9. I know this will get shit on but Check out twiddle

  10. If you’re into that then yuuupp!! They effing bring it.

  11. Only got to go to in 2017. Only fest I've ever been to. Unforgettable weekend!!

  12. I almost put 17 but every year was amazing!

  13. Mid to late august when fantasy football season ramps up

  14. yup, just started rewatching in July-August and am on season 7 now :(. Honestly might give it another rewatch after football season ends because this show is so good

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